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Sheetal Herbal is a well recognized and reputed ayurvedic and herbal products shop online. We offer you to buy 100% safe & pure herbal products online at the lowest price in India.

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  • Sheetal Gulab Jal for Face (Rose Water)

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Gulab Jal is very useful it works wonders as a cleanser, toner, astringent, moisturizer with very relaxing fragrance. Rose water is the simplest solution for most of the skin problems. It is basically a by-product of the rose oil that has antibacterial, antiseptic, and anti-inflammatory properties. Roses have natural sugars in them, which not only cleanse and soothe skin but also moisturize it from within. Also, the Gulab Jal that we provide to our clients can avail this at affordable price. The Gulab Jal that we provide will have all these qualities as well as it is affordable.

    Size: 200ml

    Also Available in: [la_btn title="100 ml" link="|title:100%20ml|target:_blank" style="flat" border_width="0" shape="square" color="primary" size="sm" align="left"]  [la_btn title="120 ml" link="|title:120%20ml|target:_blank" style="flat" border_width="0" shape="square" color="primary" size="sm" align="left"]

  • Sitolex Tablets

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Tablets help to treat chronic constipation problem, it helps in curing acidity, prevent headache and help to shed extra weight. This helps to keep the stomach healthy and in turn the body healthy.

    Quantity: 30 Tablet

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