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Work of Amla

Amla is scientifically proven to have many health benefits. Amla is rich in powerful antioxidants and other nutrients. It also has extra nutrients like Vitamin C, A, polyphenols, amino acids, proteins, carbohydrates, calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron, carotene, alkaloids, gallottannis, and pectin.


  • strengthen the scalp and hair
  • reduce graying or premature pigment loss from hair
  • stimulate hair growth
  • reduce hair loss
  • prevent or treat dandruff and dry scalp
  • prevent or treat lice infections
  • prevent or treat fungal and bacterial infections
  • improve the overall appearance of hair

Size: 200ml

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Amla Hair Oil

Sheetal Herbal offers Amla hair oil at the best price in India. Sheetal Amla hair oil is one of the best hair oil for longer thicker & shinier hair. Amla also called as Indian gooseberry or Phyllanthus Emblica grows in India as well as in the Middle East and Asia. Amla fruit is high in vitamin C and has several antioxidants and nutrients. It also has many medicinal benefits. For thousands of years, amla fruits have been eaten and made into oils and tonic. Sheetal Herbal provides amla oil for various benefits.

Sheetal amla hair oil is the best product that helps the hair get stronger, longer, thicker and shinier. Amla is the most natural and powerful products and improves the texture of the hair. The amla oil when applied enters and sustains in the scalp and hair. The amla hair oil moisturizer the hair and makes it smoother and shinier.

Amla hair oil by Sheetal helps fight hair fall and loss, stimulate hair growth and prevent premature gray hair. Amla hair oil for hair growth is the most beneficial aspect. It has fatty acids, strengthens hair follicles and conditions the hair. The oil is used as a treatment as amla contains vitamin C, polyphenols, carbohydrates, vitamins, minerals, flavonoids, and water.

Making process

Amla oil is made by drenching dried amla fruit in oil for a few days. Oil can be regular coconut, sesame, or mineral oil. This empowers the alma’s own oil that is loaded with nutrients to discharge themselves into the blend. Before utilization, the oil is separated and purified to remove the fruit.

Numerous medical stores and Indian supermarkets sell dried, new, or amla fruit. They also sell amla powders and juices as everyone knows the benefits of the amla. Amla hair oil for hair growth has made its mark in the market.  Amla fruits are in season from October to March. Some health stores sell amla products. Amla powders and its products can be effortlessly obtained on the web.

Making amla oil at home enables people to pick the intensity and oil base, individualizing the part, supplements, and eventually medical advantages of the blend. Furthermore, there are few distinctive approaches to make amla oil, contingent upon its planned use or individual inclinations.

The efficient method to make amla oil

  • Stages for making amla oil from fresh or dried amla natural products, or juice, at home include:
  • Grate or mix some dried, fresh, or frozen amla or juice.
  • Concentrate the juice of the amla by pressing and stressing then through a strainer over a container or bowl.
  • Measure 1 tablespoon of oil. Numerous individuals utilize additional virgin oils, for example, coconut, olive, or sesame, to guarantee the base is as unadulterated, and strong, as could be allowed.
  • Blend the amla or powder and oil together for a few minutes, or until the point when the blend looks uniform. Numerous individuals utilize a blender or whip the blend.
  • In the case of utilizing strong oils, warm the blend on a low warmth until the point when the oil has completely dissolved and blended in.
  • While the blend is still marginally warm, apply the oil to the scalp for a couple of hours, and then rinse off. The oil can be left on over-night or till the next bath. The oil is also beneficial for the skin and can be applied and left on.


  • Massage the amla hair oil onto the scalp thoroughly.
  • Allow the oil to penetrate through your scalp by leaving it for an hour or over-night
  • Rinse your hair thoroughly for instant healthy shine


 The amla hair oil is effective for hair and scalp health, and it has many other benefits. Few common uses of amla oil are that it improves immune function, it lowers or controls cholesterol levels, sugar level; and improves brain health and function. The oil reduces the effect of premature aging, it also improves the vision, reduces dry skin and dehydration etc.

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