Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes

Sheetal Ayurvedic Medicine For Diabetes is very effective in balancing blood sugar levels in the body. With no side effects. At an affordable price in India. Ayurveda has made its existence in everybody’s life due to its simple remedies, diets, and lifestyle. It is not only accepted due to its healthy lifestyle, but it has been given importance for its ability to treat various diseases including Diabetes.

The Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes has been a blessing for the patient as it not only treats the disease but also protects from further damages by creating a natural defense. Sheetal Herbal also manufactures Ayurvedic medicines for diabetes.

What is Diabetes?

Diabetes Mellitus often stated as Diabetes, is a metabolic disorder that happens due to inadequate insulin production. It is associated with the high sugar level of the blood and presence of sugar in the urine. There are two types of Diabetes:

Type 1 diabetes (T1B)

This type of diabetes develops in childhood or youth. The main reason for this is an infection in the body that makes the immune system weak and further destroying the insulin-producing cells in the body. For such diabetic patients, lifelong treatments or insulin injections are needed for survival.

Type 2 diabetes (T2B)

This type is the more common type of diabetes which happens when the pancreas can’t create the required measure of insulin in the body, bringing about the development of glucose (sugar) in the blood. This happens due to unhealthy diets, no or lack of physical activity and obesity.

Ayurveda On Diabetes

According to Ayurvedic science, there are three mind-body constitutions (Kapha, Pitta, and Vata) which are known as doshas. Diabetes happens because of imbalance in these doshas.

Ayurveda trusts that type 2 diabetes creates from an overabundance of the Kapha Dosha. Along these lines, Ayurvedic treatment is engaged towards eating regimen alteration and way of life changes.

Herbs, yoga, saunas, rubs, fasting, strict eating regimen administrations are viewed as a piece of ayurvedic treatment for diabetes.

Ayurvedic Medicines for Diabetes in India

The best and natural remedies for diabetes are below:

Bitter Gourd Juice

Bitter Gourd juice has considered being the best remedy for diabetes. It is advised to be consumed on empty stomach every morning. At least 30 ml of juice should be consumed. Separate the seeds before grinding the bitter gourd and water should be added to adjust the consistency of the juice

Neem Leaves, Tulsi Leaves, and Belpatras

Blend the concentrate of 10 neem leaves, 10 tulsi leaves, and 10 belpatras. This blend can be taken with water on an empty stomach with the goal to lessen the substance of sugar in the blood.

Bel (Bael) Leaves

These leaves have antidiabetic attributes. Subsequently, diabetic patients ought to use the concentrate of these leaves by blending them with black pepper. Another successful way could be to blend around 15 ml of Juice of bel leaves with 5g of honey. This mixture can be taken three times each day as a medication for diabetes mellitus.

Apart from these natural and home-made recipes, Sheetal Herbal has various ayurvedic medicines for diabetes that are safe to consume like Dibet Powder, Dibet Tablet, and Dibet Liquid.

Diabetes has affected number of people and hence for the preventing it, Sheetal Herbal offers ayurvedic medicines for diabetes in India.

  • Dibet Liquid

    Rated 4.00 out of 5

    People having the Diabetes problem have increased in metro cities due to the change in the lifestyle. And so the need of the drugs for the same has increased. Using herbal drugs can be a great way to keep the blood sugar levels in control with no side effects. DIBET liquid is precisely managed by our skilled professionals who are experts in Ayurveda and use modern technology to produce the same. It is seen that Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is becoming popular day by day for the betterment of life as it has no side effects and cures the disease from his root.

    Size: 900ml 

    Also Available in:[la_btn title="600ml" link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fayurshakha.com%2Fhome%2Fproduct_view%2F1124%2FSheetal-Dibet-Liquid|title:600%20ml|target:_blank" style="flat" border_width="0" shape="square" color="primary" size="small" align="left"]

  • Dibet Powder


    Sheetal Herbal provides Dibet Powder that is useful in controlling excessive sugar in the body. The powder is made with ayurvedic ingredients and is chemical free. The team of doctors and professional takes special care in manufacturing the powder.

  • Dibet Tablet


    Sheetal Herbal is recognized as the best manufacturers of top quality DIBET Tablets. The team of ayurvedic doctors and professionals use their expertise in manufacturing the tablets with the help of modern technology and ayurvedic ingredients. All the ingredients are measured and used in the right composition.

    The tablets are highly effective to the health and reduces diabetes within a month’s time. It is appreciated by customers. As it is made of ayurvedic composition, it is effective, has no side effects and gentle on the stomach. It comes in bottle at an affordable price.

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