Hair Oil for Dry Hair

Hair oil for dry hair

hair oil for dry hairSheetal Herbal provides hair oil for dry hair at best price in India. Here’s a list of the best hair oils for dry hair available in the market right now.

Dry hair problem is experienced by everyone at some point in their lives, and it becomes a pain to revive its lost shine. If you have grown up in an Indian family, you might have been introduced to a variety of hair oils and hair products for dry hair by your parents, grandparents, relatives, friends or doctors. Hair oils for dry hair act as moisturizing agents and keep your hairs hydrated and sustained from the roots. Perfect hair oil for dry hair will reduce your panic and worries over hair fall and untimely greying of your hair.

A healthy hair care solution is often ignored in the contemporary world by women who are extremely busy with work in their work.

Hair oils – whether coconut, almond, or herbal produce an appropriate solution to treat your damp hair.

Before digging deep into the importance of importance of hair oils for dry hair, you need to understand the ideal way of applying hair oil on your dry hair.

How to apply hair oil for dry hair?

  • Oiling your dry hair may seem a simple task for you, but there are definite methods that would create a high impact on your hair growth.
  • Apply shampoo on your hair and allow it until it becomes dry.
  • Mix a carrier oil like coconut oil or jojoba oil with an essential oil.
  • Take a small portion of this oil mixture in your hand.
  • Start applying the oil mixture on your scalp.
  • Massage your scalp and hair roots in a circular motion.
  • Oil your hair till their edges.
  • Start combing your hair to maintain the uniformity of oil over the surface.
  • Cover your entire hair.
  • Take a towel and wet it in hot water.
  • After squeezing excess water out of the towel, wrap your hair in the same.
  • Let the warm towel remain wrapped in your hair for half an hour or more.
  • Remove the excess oil by washing or applying shampoo on your oily hair.
  • Apply conditioner and repeat this method at least twice a week for nourishment benefits.

Hair oils for dry hair- Why are they essential?

Oiling hair on a regular basis has manifold advantages that increase the elasticity of the hair, prevent its curling, and effectively produces a solution to combat hair damage. A lot of people tend to blow-dry their hair, and as a result, hair becomes frizzy and brittle.

Hair oils for dry hair create a protective coating for your valuable hair scalp. A hair oil massage comes with its own range of benefits since it induces blood circulation to the scalp, and provides nourishment to the scalp. Sometimes, a rejuvenating massage with a hair oil for dry hair helps in relieving stress which is one of the reasons why you experience frequent hair fall.

Here are some exclusive benefits of hair oils for dry hair

  • Natural hair oils applied on your hairs are packed with several of the vitamins and micro-elements that enrich the nutrient value of your hair.
  • Hair oil for dry hair penetrates the skin. Unlike a shampoo or a conditioner, the oil goes deep into the hair scalp and resuscitates the skin tissues.
  • Hair oils augment the blood circulation in the scalp since the oil is uniformly spread around the scalp, distributing nutrients to all the part of roots.
  • Dry air corresponds to acute hair fall. It also impedes hair growth. Hence hair oils must be applied to combat extreme hair fall conditions.
  • Applying hair oil on a regular basis helps you in controlling frizzy hair. Sometimes, when your strands are becoming curly, rub some hair oils on your palms and massage your hair for 10-15 minutes. This will help you in controlling the frizz and provide nourishment to your hair.
  • Oils for dry hair increase moisture in your hair that can be retained for a longer period of time. This increases the shininess of your hair.
  • An appropriate oil for dry hair conditions your scalp and prohibit breakage or split ends problem in your strands.
  • Hair oils also vitalize the dormant follicles on your scalp and increase its volume and thickness.

Best oils for your dry hair

It is not just thick strands or coarse hair that can be benefitted from natural oils. Even oils take care of your dreadlocks and hairdo.

Here’s a list of oils that perfectly complement the lustrous appearance of your hair.

Argan oil

Being rich in fatty acids and vitamin E. it changes the appearance of rough and frizzy hair into a velvety and brighter one.

Coconut oil

Being hailed as the ‘multi-tasker’ of the oil world, it revitalizes your strands and preserves the health of your scalp. It is composed of essential nutrients like carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals that can be applied to varied hair types. It is considered to be an effective treatment for hair breakage and retarded growth.

Almond oil

This lighter nut oil is packed with antioxidants, vitamin E, fatty acids and protein. It has an enriching content of magnesium that facilitates hair growth and prohibits breakage of your locks. It also helps in reducing scalp irritation. Massage your scalp with almond oil whenever you wash your hair, to weed our chances of inflammation, redness, and dandruff.

Baobab oil
It is supplied with plenty of vitamins and essential fatty acids that keep your hair hydrated and nourished. It also contains vitamins A, D, E, and F which contribute to the tensile power of your hairdo and encourage cell regrowth.

Marula oil

It acts as the perfect substitute for Argan oils that have a deep nutty smell. It is powered with the benefits of Vitamin C and is also applicable for all types of hair. Especially, when you are on vacation, you can apply this oil on your hair as it protects your hair from getting dried in the sun.

Avocado Oil

It contains vital elements like proteins, amino acids and vitamins A, D, E and B6 that provide a foolproof solution for hair damage and frizziness.

Castor Oil

This special type of oil is enriched in vitamin E, minerals, and proteins. It is also packed with antioxidants that nourish the keratin in hair, making it stronger and smoother. If you are suffering from a hair-fall disorder, you can apply castor oil on your scalp to control it. Castor oil fights scalp infections, dandruff problems, and prevents split ends.

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