Ayurvedic Medicine For Gas and Digestion

Ayurvedic Medicine for Gas and Digestion

Sheetal Herbal offers Sitolex, an Ayurvedic medicine for gas and digestion. Sitolex is made with natural ingredients and has no side effects. Sitolex is effective in curing acidity, improving digestion, relieves the gas problem, stomach ache, heartburn, loss of appetite, flatulence and other gastric problems.

Sitolex is made with natural ingredients like Sanchal, Hing powder, Suntha, Indrayan Mool, Indrajav etc. With these ingredients, Sitolex is considered to be the best Ayurvedic medicine for gastric problem. It is safe for longer use.

Apart from using ayurvedic medicine for gas, you can also try other ways to get rid of gas problems:

Avoid foods that cause Gas

Try to avoid gassy food. Fruits like apples and pears. Vegetables like broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and onions; entire grains like wheat; and dairy items, including milk, cheese, and frozen yogurt. These things contain fiber, sugars, and starches that don’t digest effectively, inevitably causing intestinal gas.

Drink Before Meals

If you drink fluids with your dinners, you lose stomach acids and can’t break food. Try drinking water at least 30 mins before the meal for a better digestion process.

Eat and Drink Slowly

When you eat or drink quick, you can swallow more amount of air, which can cause gas. Moderate down when you eat.

  • Sitolex Tablets

    Rated 5.00 out of 5

    Tablets help to treat chronic constipation problem, it helps in curing acidity, prevent headache and help to shed extra weight. This helps to keep the stomach healthy and in turn the body healthy.

    Quantity: 30 Tablet

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