Amla hair Oil Benefits for Health & Hair Growth

Using Amla Hair Oil Add strength & sheen to your hair

The amla hair oil benefits include: it helps to strengthen the scalp and hair, stimulate hair growth, reduce premature pigment loss from hair and many more. Hair is regularly seen as an expansion of a female’s identity – things being what they are, who might not need charming locks that grow thick and healthy. Quick and healthy hair development is something that many individuals want. Nonetheless, getting your hair to develop legitimately can be a task, that is, except if you have the correct fixings available to you.

Amla, or the Indian Gooseberry, is known for the huge number of advantages it offers your hair and scalp. This eatable product of the Myrobalan-tree, primarily found in India and Burma, is known to have a plenty of tannins and nutrient C. It is a rich source of antioxidants, and contains kaempferol, flavonoids, and gallic acid, all of which help improve hair surface. Sheetal Herbal offers the best amla hair oil for the growth and healthy hair. It is world’s best hair growth hair oil.

Amla Hair Oil Benefits for hair growth

  • Rubbing your scalp with alma oil enables to blood circulation. This provides nourishment to the follicles and increases hair growth. This, as well as disposes of dry flakes from the scalp and, melts grease and dust from the follicles, improving the scalp health.
  • Supported scalp health takes into consideration the improvement of the pH levels and oil generation.
  • One of the greatest variables that reason hair breakage is the lack of Vitamin C and one of the most straightforward approaches to recharge your body with this fundamental nutrient is consuming amla.
  • Alongside Vitamin C, Amla is likewise rich in antioxidants. Antioxidants help keep hair and follicles strong by removing the damaging radical.
  • Frequently utilizing amla for hair care helps strengthen the hair shafts, anticipating issues like breakage and split-ends. It is considered to be the best hair oil for thick hair growth


Amla is not only used to improve the health of the hair and scalp but amla hair oil benefits are like it can improve immune function, lower or control cholesterol levels, improve brain health and function, reduce the effects of premature aging, improve vision, reduce dry skin, lower or control blood sugar levels, reduce dehydration, lighten or brighten the skin, reduce cold and flu recovery time, reduce the risk of cancer and chronic diseases, improve respiratory function and coughs, improve blood pressure, improve cardiovascular health, reduce the appearance of scars, blemishes, age spots, and wrinkles, improve vision and eye health, reduces inflammation, reduces sinus congestion, improve digestion and food absorption, enhances male fertility and improve urinary health

How to make Amla hair oil at home?


2 tbsp amla powder

2 tbsp coconut oil

Making Time

45 minutes


  • Take a pan, put oil in it and then add amla
  • The oil should be heated until it turns to brown.
  • Turn off the heat and let the mixture cool
  • Once the oil is cooled down, the charred powder will settle down, then collect the oil in a different bowl by straining it.

Amla has various benefits and vitamin C. It helps the body cool, controls diabetes and removes damaging radicals from the body. For strong and healthy hair, amla hair packs and oil are used. Amla is used from ancient age for growing healthy hair, preventing from premature graying and hair loss. Amla hair oil is the best conditioner also and to due to its advantages Amla hair oil for hair loss is recommended since ages.

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