8 Healthy breakfast options for Indians

When it comes to the first meal of the day, you need to select your food sensibly to avoid health clasp for the rest of your day. Your breakfast should contain the optimum mix of ingredients that are beneficial to your health. Nutritious supplements are highly accountable for your routine work as you acquire energy from the food you are intaking.

Having a hearty breakfast will keep you fuelled throughout the morning and your cravings for unhealthy items will eventually die. A well-balanced breakfast supplies energy to your body and brain. Food items loaded with proteins and fibres satiate your appetite and keep you satisfied till lunch.
During recent times, food crammed with oils and spices, act an alarming cause behind the degrading medical condition of millions of Indians. Hence, it is advisable to start consuming food items that add value to your health.

Here are top 8 yummy and healthy breakfast options for Indians that would help you to start your day with a bang.

Chana Dal (Moong Dal Cheela)
Moong Dal is absolutely nutrimental and easily digestible. It serves as a significant source of invaluable nutrients and proteins for veggies. This north Indian delicacy is a delight to the taste buds and can be served with a cup of tea or coffee for breakfast.
They are also prepared with ghee or mustard or sesame oil in order to beef up the peptic value of the food.

Methi ka Thepla
Thepla is a traditional Gujarati food that is prepared from wheat flour with or without including ghee in the preparation. It is an elementary preference for every Indian who is strictly following diets to stay healthy. The prime ingredients of this item include fenugreek leaves, coriander leaves, and turmeric powder. When served with mint chutney or picket, you get the desired breakfast experience.

It is one of the most conventional Indian breakfasts that is extremely nutritious and that contains dietary fibre. It is an excellent food option for active people and it should be prepared from whole grains. Depending on your taste preference, it can be balmy or peppery. You can also make it a sweet mush by adding fruits like apples, bananas in it.

Poha is nothing but beaten rice or flattened rice that is enriched in proteins, fibres, and fats. The taste of this kid-friendly preparation can be enhanced by adding chilies, onions, and peanuts. This is a perfect fit for satisfying your appetite and also delivers joy to your palate. Upon addition of certain spices, its aroma and flavour can be enriched.

This south-Indian luxury remains a delightful option for every diet-conscious Indian. It is an easy-to-prepare, delectable dish that contains onions, peas, carrots and urad dal. Upma made of semolina or suji is often enjoyed with sambhar or dal and this south Indian recipe is befitting for your health. The addition of minced coconut and curry leaves at the top boosts the sapidity of the morning meal with Upma.

Idli Sambhar
This south Indian food option is famous for its health quotient and tops the priority chart of every Indian who intends to maintain a strict diet. It can be made either from rice or by using idli rava. It constitutes an acute mix of proteins, carbs, vitamins, and minerals. This little fluffy idly pieces are best served with sambhar or dal that acts as an antioxidant.

This famous south Indian recipe is prepared using the combination of fermented rice and urad dal or lentils. The dals or cereals are crushed as a paste that augments the texture and flavour of dosa. Various types of dosas such as chilli dosa, cauliflower dosa, are mostly offered in the popular south Indian restaurants of your city. Its high protein and calcium content make it a sustentative food for many.

Multigrain Paranthas
This type of paranthas is highly enriched in iron, vitamins, and fibre. It can be served with fresh curd or pickle of your preferred flavour. Three or more grains are perfectly stuffed in the dough to roll out paranthas of multi-layer fillings. Adding a crust of cheese will make this preparation even more mouth-watering and tempting. If you want you can intake it as a wholesome brunch as it is incredibly nutritious and acts as an energy booster.

The aforesaid items can be prepared easily, and each of them possesses a nutritious value. If you want to stay fit and healthy for your lifelong, switch to these robust breakfast menus and give up your habit of greasy and unctuous food items.

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