6 exercises you must do at home on a regular basis

Your hectic work schedule demands you to stay fit and active all-day-long. Exercises have various functions since they distribute blood flow to muscles, lubricate the joints and boost your metabolism. If you want to live without pain, sleep well and maintain your energy level such that you avoid all the health-related hazards and become more competent in your daily life. Exercises should be practised on a regular basis since they improve the strength needed to function in life and with variating challenges and combinations of muscles, you experience a happier and healthier life.

Here are the 6 most effective exercises that should be done at home on a regular basis.

1. Bird Dog Push-Up

This training involves both pushing and pulling movements to add strength to the front and back of your body. With this impactful pushing exercise, you need to balance yourself perfectly. If you are growing in age, you need to practice this modified exercise that includes regular push-ups and balance challenge. This exercise adds durability to your shoulders, back, arms, butt, and core.

Start in modified push-up position, knees bent with hands slightly more than shoulder-width apart, and head, knees, and hips in one long line. Bend elbows and lower chest to floor, keeping abs tight and spine long. Straighten arms and press back to starting position, then extend the right wing, and left leg at hip height. Count till one, then lower arm and leg back to start. Complete another push-up, and then extend left arm and right leg.

2. Lunge & Lift

This versatile exercise is perfect to boost the strength in your legs, shoulders, and your core while assessing your balance.

Start in a low lunge position, right knee bent and directly over ankle with back heel lifted, holding a weight in left hand with arm extended by left knee. Keep your right leg straightened and lift left knee to hip height, and press weight overhead. Once done, return to the starting position and practice it on the opposite side.

3. Jumping Jacks

For an oldie, this exercise is the ultimate one for delivering functional fitness. It is one of those jump training that induce the sleepy neuro-transmitters residing in the feet.

The walk-outs, the jacks, when performed with control, also work for multiple muscle groups and get the heart rate up and bid goodbye to the shoe-filled, sedentary lives.

4. Hip Bridge

Just like the squat, the brain is actively involved with this exercise since it adds to the joy of everyone. It is an excellent exercise that includes foot placement, weight distribution and breathing as vital constituents.

Keeping the toes on the floor will enable your heels to absorb all of your body weight, and simultaneously your lower back absorbs more pressure. When your toes are stayed down, your hamstrings and glutes engage that will help in elongation of the hips due to the change in the direction of the body.

5. Plank

This PPHC—pushing, pulling, holding and carrying exercise involves the utilisation of multiple combinations of muscles focused on regular life activities. Through this upper body exercise, your rib cage and gluteo-hip area get stabilised due to the apex force regulating arm movement. A fundamental plank flips that switches on the encasement muscles of the vital organs and rib cage and should never be left out.

6. The Perfect Row

This pulling exercise eases your daily movements and targets all of your back muscles. Try to stand with feet hip-width apart. Slightly hinge forward from your hip flexors, keeping your abdominals engaged to protect your low back. Pull the elbows straight back past your hips. You must keep your arms close to the body and don’t let elbows wing out. Engage and squeeze your back muscles. Lower your weight back to the start position with control.

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