What is Blue Tea and How It Helps in Maintaining Your Health?

Blue tea, or butterfly pea flower tea, is an herbal blend free from caffeine. It is prepared by festering dried or fresh leaves of the Clitoria ternatea plant. The butterfly-pea is also regarded as blue pea or pigeonwings, and this plant breed is most commonly found in South East Asian countries. It is served post-dinner with lemon and honey added to it in countries like Thailand and Vietnam.

The pH of the drink upon the addition of lemon juice to the tea, making the colour of the blend change from deep blue to purple.The tea leaves are also effective in changing the colour in cocktails.

Blue tea is loaded with catechins, that is said to be beneficial in burning belly fat and helping in weight reduction. Drinking butterfly-pea flowers soaked in warm water is one necessary way of accelerating metabolism. It helps your body to lose more calories.

Here are some advantages of drinking blue tea. Know them before you try it out.

  1. The tea is enriched in antioxidants. It acts as a stellar beverage for detoxification. The antioxidants present in it protect the body against free radical action.
  2. Blue tea is highly effective for maintaining skin glow, texture, and its health. It is claimed to possess anti-glycation effects that combat skin ageing. The flavonoids present in the tea stimulates the formation of collagens.
  3. Blue tea regulates blood sugar levels and helps in controlling diabetes.
  4. The butterfly-pea flower tea is loaded with a pleasant taste and aroma that freshens your mood instantly. The tea reduces stress and cut down the anxiety levels.
  5. Blue tea increases the excretion of excess water from your body, thus acting as a natural diuretic drink.

The recent medical claims suggested that blue tea effectively manages fatty liver diseases and reduces cholesterols levels in the blood. Void of proven medicinal research, we cannot immediately come to a conclusion concerning its anti-diabetes effects. However, we can infer it acts as an excellent substitute for caffeinated beverages like tea or coffee, and you may easily consume it to lessen your caffeine intake. But the real challenge is to find it out in specific places since this tea is rare and can only be purchased from running supermarkets, grocery stores and online websites.

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