Ways to Ease Heartburn Pain Without Taking Pills

Heartburn is a common disorder, that causes extreme ache, displeasure and even long-term damage due to inflammation and synthesis of stomach acids. Once you are affected by heartburn symptoms, you must consult your family physician to resolve the same. Doctors mostly prescribe medications for treating heartburn, inflammation, and reflux.

Even with anti-reflux drugs, a complete remedy cannot be ensured. Researchers also believe that those non-steroidal drugs have the ability to damage the stomach lining and fumigate irritation, inflammation, and reflux.

However, there are ways to prevent heartburn without even taking help of the medicines.

Avoid spicy foods

One of the traditional reasons behind heartburn is the spicy food items that cause irritation in the stomach lining. Specific food items escape from the stomach and into the oesophagus and create a deep impact on the lower oesophageal sphincter. The valve separating the stomach from the oesophagus starts relaxing and stop playing its role. Food items such as coffee, alcohol, and peppermint relax the lower sphincter causing the food to come back up.

Smoking Cigarette also provokes severe heartburn since the smoke plays a pivotal role in relaxing the lower valve.

Don’t overeat

Sensible eating habit involves eating slowly with minor pauses. Once you feel that your stomach is filled, stop right there! Most people fail to concentrate on cautious eating and easily get indulged in the delicacies.

In the last few years, we have noticed the trend of buffet system in Indian weddings and birthdays. From children to elders, all become obliged to pamper themselves with thoughtless dining.

Hence, over-eating causes symptoms of heartburn. When we consume a lot of food and drinks, the normal science clearly states that it would be easier for the items to overflow in our stomach. So, it is prescribed by every physician to switch to controlled eating even if you are served with the most intriguing savouries.

Maintain an upright posture

After having a strong meal that might include greasy food, beer or any other spicy dish, you must not lie down and take a post-dinner nap. The idea seems convincing but it can cause a dreadful impact on your digestive system. Hence, it is essential to maintain an erect posture even after having a heavy dinner. Staying erect can help in reducing stress on the stomach and oesophagus.

Stop wearing tight clothes

Start wearing clothes that are a perfect fit for you. For fashion statement, it is not at all advisable to flaunt your outlook by wearing tight clothes that cause intrinsic irritation and puts extra pressure on your stomach. Very few people know that tight clothing also plays a significant role in heartburn. It is similar to being overweight.

Start reducing weight

If you are overweight, consider shredding the extra kilos and focus on improving general fitness that creates a positive effect on our health. Excess weight intensifies heartburn symptoms and causes an embittering effect on our heart.

Start chewing gums

Chewing gums on a routine basis instigate an accelerated rate of saliva production since the process involves more swallowing. It promotes a rinsing effect on the processes happening in the stomach. You might opt for chewing gum for a considerable period of time after a heavy meal.

Extreme heartburn has appalling symptoms which might even lead to the occurrence of extreme ailments like stomach cancer, oesophageal cancer. Hence the time has come to follow the aforesaid tips to curb the effects of heartburn. By doing proper exercise and refraining from smoking and alcohol, you can certainly dodge this ghastly disorder.

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