Usefulness of Onions in Restricting Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious ailment that is about to affect almost every people on Earth by the year 2030. It is a metabolic disorder that causes irregular blood sugar fluctuations in the body. Diabetes mellitus currently affects over 400 million people globally, out of which 20 percent of cases are detected in India. People are ignorant of its dreadful effects such as obesity, kidney failure and heart complications.

Patients suffering from diabetes are often advised to maintain a stringent diet that is high on fibre-rich foods. Onions often prove to be an effective food for a healthy diabetes diet. A recent study stated that onions are loaded with antioxidants that regulate the blood glucose levels and promote good health and immunity. Onions are effective in lowering blood sugar in animals with type-2 diabetes. Onions are enriched in blood sugar components that regulate the blood sugar level.

How Onions Help in Maintaining Diabetes?

1. High Fibre Content

Onions, especially red onions, are high in fibres. Spring onions have fibres in limited quantity. Fibre consumes time to disintegrate and hence soothes constipation, which is one of the prime symptoms of a person suffering from constipation.

2. Low carb content

Onions are not enriched in carbohydrates. A 100 gram of red onions contains only 8 percent carbohydrates. Carbohydrates metabolise soon, that contribute to an accelerated release of sugar in the bloodstream. Diabetics are often recommended to incorporate more low-carb foods into their diet. Since onions are low in calories, they can also be used consumed in losing weight.

3. Low Glycaemic Index Value

The Glycaemic index is a metric assigned to foods especially carbohydrates based on how sluggishly or rapidly they affect blood glucose levels. The glycaemic index of raw onion is 10, which makes it suitable for inclusion in your diet for diabetes.

The consumption of fresh onions marks down blood glucose levels among type-1 and type-2 diabetics. You can add onions to soups and stews, and also sneak them in salads and sandwiches. However, we need to be alarmed of the fact that excessive of onion might not be beneficial for your health. Hence, to maintain your health condition, you need moderation.

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