This Winter Add Broccoli to Your Diet for Staying Healthy

Were you avoiding broccoli for the last few years just because of its unique flavour much to your dislike? Well, it seems you have been committing a serious mistake by not allowing yourself in indulging a broccoli-rich diet. Broccoli might be having a definite aroma but putting it in your diet is one way of moving forward in lessening your weight. Broccoli is a complete health package from the dark green florets to the stalk since in its entirety it is loaded with health-benefitting properties.

This belongs to the mustard family of plants and is already a super hit among all the healthy foods present at our disposal. This cruciferous vegetable is enriched with the goodness of vitamin C and antioxidants. The percentage of Vitamin C present in this vegetable is found to be higher than most of the citrus fruits we eat on a daily basis. According to numerous sources, Broccoli is a treasure trove of vitamin C and fibres and comes packed with carotenoids, a group of red and yellow pigments that help in soothing your eyes and look after its overall health.

Promotes Weight Loss

This particular veggie is significantly low in calorie and is considered to be a perfect option for those who like to engage themselves in strict weight reduction diet. Broccoli is power-packed with fibres that cause weight loss.

Broccoli consumes more time in getting digested and keeps you satisfied for long. Consuming it in right quantity will help you to refrain yourself from calorie-dense foods. In this way, you can check your weight by maintaining a distance from the plumping foods.

This green vegetable can be consumed in raw form or can be steamed moderately to hold back its vitamin C, iron, and chlorophyll content.

Broccoli leaves are enriched with beta-carotene in higher amount compared to its flowers and stalks. The raw broccoli leaves provide a nutritional boost to salads as well. raw broccoli can be eaten singly or you can stuff it inside the paras for a delectable breakfast. Broccoli parathas entice you with the texture and aroma it possesses and is a delight for your taste buds. However, when you are preparing broccoli parathas at home, you must avoid the application of oil or butter. Otherwise, your weight loss program might experience a setback.

So, from today onwards, start considering broccoli in your regular diet and cherish the most benefits of this veggie.

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