Stop focusing on being skinny. Start focusing on being healthy

Stop focusing on being skinny. Start focusing on being healthy

Whenever size Zero is mentioned the first thing that comes to mind is actor Kareena Kapoor Khan who made it famous. Many, while, have tried to follow her footsteps by going on crazy crash diets, the actor herself has confessed on several occasion how she maintained a healthy diet and a regular exercise regime. 

Rather doctors, dietitian’s and health experts across the world believe that is important to focus on having good health than follow some new trend and try something drastic.

Being thin does not always mean you’re a healthy infant, experts suggest starving yourself will not help always, it may harm the health. Starting hungry may lead to weight loss in the short term but definitely won’t lead to a long-term healthy lifestyle. For the same, it is important to fill your diet with healthy foods. 

Starting for should be the mantra of a happy life. And other than diet, regular exercise is also important. Again here the site should be to find and do an execute that one enjoys rather than follow the latest trend. This is important as exercise should be part of your lifestyle rather than just a fad. 

One must treat the body as his/her best friend to get the best results. Losing weight is simply about being healthy not about looking skinny.

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