Health Benefits of Mom and Son

One of the primordial concepts of humankind was that exercising during pregnancy acted as a curse for the development of the foetus. Everyone started to believe that exercise causes foetal stress, diminishes the oxygen level of the baby and increases the body temperature.

However, the recent study has vehemently condemned such beliefs. Scientific researchers have started evaluating the medical conditions of the pregnant women and intimately exploring the influence of exercise on health conditions of both the mom and the offspring she is carrying in her womb. They are also studying whether exercise produces a dreadful impact on the future medical conditions of the mother and her child.

The recent medical expeditions indicated that moderate exercise during pregnancy is safe and beneficial for both mother and baby.

It is hypothetically confirmed that pregnant ladies who do exercise on a routine basis have lower resting heart rates than those who are irregular practitioners of exercises. Lower heart rates lead to an unhealthy heart which can remain a concern for those who moms who are not doing exercises on a regular basis.

Advantages for Moms

  • Exercise during pregnancy also prevents excessive weight gain thereby zeroing down the possibilities of hereditary transmission of obesity. Hence, no risk of being overweight or obese remains while you are doing exercise in a systematic manner.
  • Proper exercise during pregnancy period assists mothers to regulate alterations in her body due to consumption of food and hormonal imbalance.
  • Exercise provides with relief from muscle strain and reduces back pain. Even for maintaining the right posture during pregnancy period, exercise is extremely effective.
  • Medical experts even asserted that scientific evidence proved that exercise plays a key role in reducing the risk of gestational diabetes that occurs in their pregnancy.
  • Even exercising helps the mothers to overcome the mood swings during this period and make them ready for labour and delivery.
  • Exercise directly or indirectly helps the mothers to avoid pre-eclampsia, pelvic pain, and urinary incontinence.
  • The exercises advised by the prominent gynaecologists should be practiced by every pregnant woman irrespective of their health conditions since exercise is the exclusive way of gaining a physically active lifestyle.
  • Even exercise acts as a stressbuster and also reduces chronic hypertension for the expectant moms who might feel iffy prior to their delivery.
  • Every early morning exercise also dilutes the chances of premature birth or foetal distress.

Some of the renowned medical researchers have also asserted that the health of the baby is solely reliant on the health condition of the mother. If the mother is active, then, the baby will also enjoy a hearty lifestyle.

Advantages for Baby

  • Mothers who follow a routine exercise module are most likely to avoid the risk of gaining excessive weight during her pregnancy tenure. As regular exercises prohibit gestational weight gain, there is a slighter risk for the babies to become corpulent in their childhood days or later in their life. The doctors have discovered a direct connection between a mother’s weight gain and paunchiness of her child.
  • Since the risk of gestational diabetes is phased out, there is no risk of labour and delivery complexities. The baby experiences less stress and gets an intellectual boost eventually.
  • The baby of an exercising mother will be able to combat a temporary deficit in oxygen delivery especially at the time of labour since there will only be an uptick of the baby’s heart rate during exercise and not any decrease.

On the contrary, physicians have recommended specific exercises such as walking, swimming, dancing, stretching, weight training during this period. Sports that involve an elevated risk of injuries such as skiing, trekking, scuba diving should be avoided during this period.

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