Shahrukh Khan Eats These 4 Foods To Keep Himself Fit and Active

Shah Rukh Khan- He is not an actor, he is a phenomenon. As his fans rightly call him ‘King Khan’, the man even in his mid-50s is equally fit like any 25-year actor from Bollywood. He unveiled his iconic six-pack abs look in Om Shanti Om which will be stored in our memory for the lifetime. From his trailblazing appearance in DDLJ to his stellar performance as Kabir Khan in Chak De India, he has captured the hearts of millions of fans out there. Although he has an affinity for delectable north Indian cuisines, yet he restrains himself from consuming junk foods since he is extremely focused on his health and fitness. He jumps over the cliff, destroys cars, bashes the villains, and romances with actresses-for all these activities, he needs to stay right on his toe and prevents himself from committing injustice with his fitness.

But what is his regular diet? How he maintains his posture even at this age?

Here are some foods that ‘Bollywood ka Badshah’ Shah Rukh Khan eats to keep fit.

Lean Meats

Shah Rukh Khan might not be the one who indulges himself in a healthy diet since he has openly confessed on social media platforms that he skips breakfast. Although this is not a healthful practice, he maintains his fitness by loading up on protein-rich foods items like tropical salads, peanut butter, and sandwiches.

Fruit Juices

Shah Rukh is the father of three kids but when you look at his energy level, you will be envious of him. He carries the energy of a 25-year-old guy. Fruit juice boosts its energy level since they are charged up with natural sugars and nutrients.


Consuming legumes is one way of increasing the protein level in your body. Legumes are rich in B-group vitamins, iron, calcium, zinc, magnesium, folate, saturated fats. They have anti-oxidant properties to keep him fit and active. Legumes also assist in the proper functioning of various body systems. They maintain the optimum health conditions of his systems, allowing him to work out without any chasm.

Grilled/Raw Veggies

Vegetables are packed with fibre that acts as an essential nutrient for keeping oneself fit. He takes vegetables on a regular basis for keep him full for longer duration and hence he successfully dodge those sudden hangs. Grilled vegetables help in the proper absorption of the body without even killing them.

Apart from the above food, Shah Rukh Khan is impassioned to drink coffee since it keeps him energised and motivated while working on the floor. The actor refrains himself from grabbing refined grains and artificial sweeteners and adheres strictly to home-made preparations.

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