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Herbal hair care product

Hair fall, dandruff, baldness, graying of hair has become a common problem because of today’s lifestyle. Both men and women are facing hair problems. One stop solution for this is Chenab Hair Care Herbs that is a unique herbal product as rare and hand plucked herbs. It has been proved out to be an excellent remedy for all hair problems. It is 100% chemical free and keeps your hair healthy and look beautiful.

Size: 400ml

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Hair Care Herbs

JatamansiPudina Phool
Mehendi PanKapoor Kachli
Vala, MethiGulab Phool
JaswandBrass Kapoor

Direction for use

Apply oil to your scalp massage gently from roots to the tips for 2 to 3 times a week or 1 hour before hair wash.

Method of preparation

Add 400ml of coconut oil / castor oil to the herbs

Keep the bottle in natural sunlight allow the herbs to mix with oil for 1 or 2 days and use once the bottle is over top it up with oil once again and u can reuse it.


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