Cough Syrup for Dry Cough

Are you irritated by the stubborn cough? Tired and want to get rid of cough, Sheetal Herbal provides adulsa cough syrup for dry cough at the best price in India. That is prepared from the predominant quality base materials. The dry cough is associated with tickly throat and very irritating. Dry cough is caused due to viral illness like cold and flu.

To get rid of the cough, Adulsa cough syrup is the best dry cough treatment. Made with all the natural ingredients like adulsa, tulsi, methanol etc. the adulsa helps to diminish allergically and smoker’s cough. It is very effective in giving relief from sore throat, bronchitis, cough etc. and considered as the best cough syrup for dry cough.

There are also different methods to get rid of the cough:

Stay hydrated:

Always keep liquids handy when suffering from dry cough. Water or liquid keeps the throat moist which reduces the scratches and irritations. Drinking warm fluids like broth, soup or herbal tea will ease the throat irritation.

Take a hot bath

Taking hot water bath will not even cleanse the body but will also help ease coughing by adding moisture to the air. When you inhale while breathing, it will moisten your throat which would reduce irritation and throat pain.

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  • Adulsa Cough Syrup


    Adulsa Cough Syrup that is a combination of Ayurvedic drugs and has been proved to be very against allergic cough & smoker’s cough. This product is non-narcotic, a non-alcoholic formula that provides safe, quick, and much-needed relief from sore throat, bronchitis, cough and more

    Size: 200ml

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