Ayurvedic Medicine for Diabetes

Diabetes causes when the sugar level goes high in the blood. Sheetal herbal’s Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes made with ayurvedic ingredients that helps in controlling excessive sugar in the blood.

It occurs when not physically active and is overweight or obese. Controlling sugar level is very important. Once detected with diabetes, the person should walk, exercise and maintain a healthy diet. This will help but you will also need to intake Sheetal Herbal’s Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes.

Sheetal Herbal offer Dibet powderDibet Liquid, and Dibet tablets. All the ayurvedic medicines for diabetes by Sheetal Herbal are chemical free and has no side effects.

You can control diabetes with the help of the best natural medicines for diabetes. Also, you will have to manage your weight, eat healthy and balanced diet, avoid cold drinks and junk food, stop smoking and drinking alcohol. Keep a check on your blood pressure, exercise regularly and do regular checkups.

  • Dibet Liquid


    People having the Diabetes problem have increased in metro cities due to the change in the lifestyle. And so the need of the drugs for the same has increased. Using herbal drugs can be a great way to keep the blood sugar levels in control with no side effects. DIBET liquid is precisely managed by our skilled professionals who are experts in Ayurveda and use modern technology to produce the same. It is seen that Ayurvedic medicine for diabetes is becoming popular day by day for the betterment of life as it has no side effects and cures the disease from his root.

    Size: 900ml 

    Also Available in:[la_btn title="600ml" link="url:https%3A%2F%2Fayurshakha.com%2Fhome%2Fproduct_view%2F1124%2FSheetal-Dibet-Liquid|title:600%20ml|target:_blank" style="flat" border_width="0" shape="square" color="primary" size="small" align="left"]

  • Dibet Powder


    Sheetal Herbal provides Dibet Powder that is useful in controlling excessive sugar in the body. The powder is made with ayurvedic ingredients and is chemical free. The team of doctors and professional takes special care in manufacturing the powder.

  • Dibet Tablet


    Sheetal Herbal is recognized as the best manufacturers of top quality DIBET Tablets. The team of ayurvedic doctors and professionals use their expertise in manufacturing the tablets with the help of modern technology and ayurvedic ingredients. All the ingredients are measured and used in the right composition.

    The tablets are highly effective to the health and reduces diabetes within a month’s time. It is appreciated by customers. As it is made of ayurvedic composition, it is effective, has no side effects and gentle on the stomach. It comes in bottle at an affordable price.

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