Nuts That Are Great For Weight Loss

Nuts have ultimate health benefits since they are enriched in proteins, healthy fats, and contain a limited amount of simple carbohydrates. Nuts stimulate your body in burning excess fat and discard extra kilos. They are directly associated with weight losses, improved diet conformity, and better nutrient satisfaction. They increase the versatility of your diet regarding health advantages. Nuts are quick snacks that can be eaten during the time you are feeling hungry, or you can add them to a healthy salad or a favourite smoothie recipe to boost the protein levels within your body.

Excessive consumption of nuts might lead to an increase in calorie intake since they are highly energy-rich foods. Apart from adding calories, regular consumption of nuts serves you with a plethora of health benefits.

Here are some of these nuts for weight loss success.


Almonds can be consumed as pre-workout food for shedding extra weight. They contain amino acid L-arginine, which can help you in burning excess fats and carbs during your workout. Scientific studies published recently clearly stated that obese adults who started taking a diet rich in almonds lost more weight than those who consumed complex carbohydrates of similar calories and protein levels.


These nuts are light in colour and delicate in taste. They possess a unique curved shape and are considered as excellent sources of magnesium. Magnesium regulates the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates that might help you in losing weight. Cashew butter is another food that helps you in consuming the nutrients present in the nuts.

Cashews generally contain less fat than other nuts. They play a significant impact on weight loss since they are a more filling snack and does not allow you to crave more after eating them. They contain high magnesium levels that facilitate the synthesis of fats and carbohydrates.


Pistachios are enriched in calories and high fibre. It slows down the eating process, controls your hunger, and allows your body to take ample time to digest. By having a handful of pistachios, you will be able to fill yourself without even thinking about overeating. Green coloured pistachios have a unique flavour that makes them ideal for adding into smoothies, or baked goods, or to eat as a snack.

Pistachios have dietary fibre in abundance that helps your body feel satisfied. On account of its consumption, it sends signals to your control centre that prevent you from experiencing intense food cravings. This can help you burn surplus fats and lose weight.


Although walnuts are composed of fats, still they stimulate weight loss and regulate healthy cholesterol levels. Instead of containing monounsaturated fats, they are rich in polyunsaturated fats, in particular, alpha-linoleic acid (ALA) that improves exercise performance and induces weight loss. ALA decreases the risk of cardiovascular disease and other chronic conditions.


Considerable consumption of peanuts does not contribute to weight gain. It allows you to burn more calories when you are at rest, increasing the expenditure of static energy by 10x times. They will leave you satiated due to their filling nutrients and hence consuming them in a controlled manner is not subjected to weight gain.

Brazil Nuts

These calorie-dense foods are essential resources of selenium that is considered to be a crucial mineral for the growth of your body.

Selenium boosts the immunity of your system and helps your body to maintain a healthy metabolism. It controls the accumulation of body fat by simply regulating the levels of thyroid hormones. They are highly rich in arginine, an amino acid that helps in weight loss. Hence, you need to incorporate brazil nuts into your snack or meal plans to enjoy their nutritional advantages.

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