Must do exercise to keep your bones fine!

Exercise is right for your heart, lungs and muscles. Physical activity is one of the best ways in which you can keep your bones healthy, whether or not you’re young or old.Bones are living organs, and during your early to mid-20s, your bones accumulate a supply of calcium. However, once you hit your 40s, bone mass starts to decrease. If your body needs calcium and you don’t get enough from your diet, your body can take it from the bones. Other factors that may weaken bones further include immobility, physical inactivity and osteoporosis. To fight all three, you need to exercise.

Build strong bones through these exercise

Weight-bearing exercise is the most effective way to increase bone strength. A weight-bearing training can be described as an activity during which you’re working against the force of gravity. Any exercise you do on your feet is weight-bearing because the bones in your legs are supporting your weight. Moving a dumbbell is also weight-bearing because you’re trying to pull the weight up whereas gravity is pulling it down.

High-impact exercise—like running or jumping—also helps build stronger bones. The force of the impact stresses your bones, and your body responds by creating them stronger. Some exercises that are neither weight-bearing nor high-impact include swimming and cycling, as a result of you’re not supporting your weight and there’s no impact on your bones.

Five best exercises for your bones

1. Weightlifting

Weight training is excellent because it trains or works out non-weight-bearing bones of the arms and hands. Weight training with low weight and lots of repetitions will increase bone density up to 22 per cent in postmenopausal women, who are at increased risk of osteoporosis, and up to 29 per cent in people osteopenia.

2. Yoga

During yoga, you support yourself together with your arms or your legs. Increased flexibility and improved balance are two benefits of yoga, and both can help prevent falls and bone breaks, especially in older people.

Fractures are quite just as painful as you get older; they can be deadly.

3. Walking and cardiopulmonary exercise

Walking and cardiorespiratory exercise can strengthen your leg bones since they’re supporting your bodyweight. As you jog, the side force of your feet against the bottom can reduce any stress your bones and create them stronger. Certify to chill down and stretch properly when your run, and don’t make it avoid overuse injuries.

4. Dancing

Cutting a floor cover may be a high-impact exercise for your bones. Those furious feet slap against the ground creates forces that may strengthen the bones
in your legs.

5. Tennis

Running around the court and leap to come back in which to feature strength to the bones in your legs, however many of us might not notice swinging the racket may be an exertion, too.

No matter what exercise you select to try to bolster your bones, consistency and selection are key.

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