How to burn more calories with Yoga?

Yoga is a form of exercise that helps you to relax over time. Although it does not produce pain in your body, it can be perceived as a real workout. It is an effective exercise that can contribute to your weight loss goal without causing unnecessary pain. You can successfully modulate the intensity of your yoga workout without being too harsh on yourself. You need to resort to multiple strategies to ignite excess calories. Doing yoga involves fun and relaxation at the same time and also streamlines the process of shedding excess calories from the body.

Here are the ways by which Yoga burns unwanted calories from the body.

Include Push-Ups In Your Workout Schedule

When moving to and from the plank position, add a couple of push-ups. This will intensify your workout schedule. If you have not practised push-ups, you might feel a bit uncomfortable in the beginning. However, with time, things would become relatively easy for you.

Sun Salutations Burn Your Calories

Sun salutations are incredibly effective since it aggregates several muscle groups during the poses. It can be visualised as a workout for the whole body. The amount of energy consumed paves the way for burning of a large number of calories within the body. The thumb rule states that more the muscles you engage, higher the number of calories you burn.

Include Power Yoga In Your Workout Schedule

If you want to intensify your workout session and burn a lot of calories, power yoga is what you’re looking for. The workouts are more dynamic than other forms of Yoga. You get the time to work on your breathing procedure as a part of your session. Your body will go through an intense experience that will make you feel more lively and stronger. After doing this yoga, you will feel accomplished and relaxed. This Yoga also removes excess calories from your body.

Since your diet and lifestyle affect your weight as well, it is always advised to combine yoga with other forms of exercise. At the same time, yoga is a great beginning. You could start with yoga and then start building healthy habits from there.

The best way to get started is to register yourself for a yoga class. Calories are not of much concern. Importance should be laid on building the exercise habit. As you gain strength and flexibility, you can think of more difficult yoga workouts.

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