How sunlight helps your brain function more efficiently?

How sunlight helps your brain function more efficiently?

Sunlight is not only good for skin but it is also beneficial for brain. As per some research, sun light produces higher levels of vitamin D, which can slow down the brain aging. It is true that too much of sun’s warm rays are not good for the skin but it is also correct that is taken in proper quantity it is good for health. It is known that sunlight is thought to increase the brain’s release of a hormone called serotonin. This hormone is known to boost the person’s mood and make him/her feel clam and focused.

If a person is kept away from sunlight for a longer time then he/she will feel depressed and sad. If one gets ample sunlight then the person will always be happy. Exports have said that the mid-day sun exposure optimizes vitamin D production that is mostly between 8 AM and 11 PM.

Studies have also shown that getting proper sunlight during the daytime is useful for good sleep. Few doctors are now a days prescribing sunlight therapy to come out of depression.

Brain is capable of essentially noticing sunlight, whether or not a person can see it, as studies have shown light can stimulate the brains of blind people. Stress that has become a part of the modern life can be relieved by getting out in the fresh air for a little sun exposure.

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