How Ayurvedic Oil helps you in getting rid of Joint Pain

Oil massage is a typical therapy to get assistance from any kinds of body pain. Whether you own muscle pain or joint pain, oil massage has forever been the most beneficial Ayurvedic treatment for pain relief.

1. Cayenne Pepper Oil

You can make this oil at home. For this, you can take the kind of fat you favour, like mustard, coconut or olive oil. Take one tablespoon of cayenne powder and heat it with 100ml oil. You should heat the oil for a few seconds and then give it for 15 minutes and then repeat heat the oil and renew the process for 2-3 times. Then set in a jar and apply it on the injured area.


This oil may have a stinging feeling, and hence we recommend you not to practice it on an extensive injury, or delicate parts.

2. Garlic Oil

This is the usual effective remedy which is very generally used in India. Take 3-4 garlic flower and warm it in mustard oil 3-5 minutes or until the garlic turns brown. You can also combine some cayenne pepper in it and utilise on the painful area. This is one of the most common massage oil ingredients in Ayurveda.

3. Eucalyptus Oil

The most powerful drug used for many health obstacles like asthma, sinus, coughs breathing problem, burns, wounds etc. This oil gives excellent relief from joint pain difficulty. To prepare this oil, take ¼ measure of eucalyptus leaves and warm it in 1 bowl of olive oil. You should heat this oil on low flame for 6 hours and then it in a deep container. This oil has antibacterial and analgesic qualities.

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