Helpful Hair Care Tips

1)    Embrace a diet rich in calcium and iron, including green leafy herbs, sesame grains and clean, juicy periodically natural products.

2)    Cook with seasonings like cumin, black pepper, and turmeric to give nurture to the hair.  Dry roasted cumin and freshly grated black pepper can be sprayed over fresh yogurt.

3)    Cleanse hair only when required.

4)    Avoid shampoos that involve harsh elements. Choose soft, ordinary shampoos and conditioners that include healthy botanicals such as Amalaki, Shikai, and aloe.

5)    Always apply the conditioner after shampoo to help the hair glow.

6)    Protect from unnecessary exposure to sunlight.

7)    Choose herbal/vegetable-based dyes to enhance hair colour.

8)    Avoid pressing or drying your hair.

9)    Wipe hair daily in all areas applying long smooth blows from the scalp to hair ends.

10)    Use recreation methods, such as yoga and exercise. Stress can be damaging to hair and overall well-being.

11)    Get enough, refreshing sleep each night to support the primary body time to recover and strengthen.

These easy ayurvedic tips help to improve and enhance hair health, starting from the inside. Working out and providing your hair and scalp a regular diet can not only brighten healthy shiny hair but can also support a calm mind and a balanced, sensitive system and increase your meditation practice.

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