Health Issues Relating To Weight Gain as one eats more oily food in rainy season

There is something about the monsoon season, which makes every person fall in love with it. The atmosphere makes one feel like eating hot and spicy food. As per experts, in this season when one needs to eat healthy and not oily to stay fit. In monsoon, the body is influenced by different reactions, pollutions, heartburn issue and thus it is important to practice good eating habits. Amid this season, the air is sticky that makes the body’s stomach related ability goes down.

In the monsoon, one must eat only if they feel hungry, this reduces the indigestion problems. Diseases like malaria, conjunctivitis, dengue, typhoid, viral fever, gastrointestinal disturbances can catch easily in this season. Eat home cooked food that is less oily and spicy.

During this season, one must eat more of fruits that help restore energy. Eat season fruits as they are fresh, one must avoid watermelon and muskmelons. Eat food with less salt as salt is responsible for high blood pressure.

Eat more of corn, gram flour, chickpea, brown rice, oats, etc. In the monsoon. Drink hot garlic soup; eat more of almonds to increase the immune power of the body. Drink plenty boiled water so that the body is not degraded. Drink herbal tea as it has many antibacterial properties.

The people who have problem of oily skin should avoid more of spicy food during the monsoon. Experts say that the spicy foods raise body temperature and stimulate blood circulation and it increases allergies and skin irritation.  One must avoid eating meat, fish as well as non- vegetarian food. Always wash vegetables well and keep them clean, especially if they are taken raw in the form of salads. Take small precautions and be safe and healthy in the monsoons.

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