Gulab Jal For Skin

Gulab Jal For Skin

gulab jal for skin

Sheetal Herbal provides Gulab jal for skin at best price in India. We also provide an exclusive range of products that take care of your skin. Sheetal Medicare promotes healthy living based on the ancient Ayurveda principles. We have impaneled in-house doctors that offer ayurvedic products for your skin. We are renowned for selling an exclusive collection of natural products that include Gulab Jal for skin. We are often dubbed as the leader in wholesale distribution and supply of Ayurvedic hair care products among a host of others.

Rose water or Gulab Jal for skin comes with a wide range of advantages since it is loaded with natural ingredients that make your skin alluring and enticing. It acts as a toner and a moisturizer simultaneously and is applicable for the skin of any type. Gulab Jal for skin is a highly accomplished product that is supplied with an abundance of antioxidants and anti-inflammation pigments.

Here are a few benefits of Gulab Jal For Skin

Regulates pH balance of the skin

The pH balance of your skin is often disturbed by the excessive application of skin care and beauty products like soaps, facial creams, cleansers, and other rough products. The pH level of the skin varies in the range between 4.5 and 6 that makes it mildly acidic. Hence, Gulab Jal for skin is used to restore its pH level and stabilize the effects of the sudden rise in acid content on the skin.

Acts as a hydrating agent

Gulab Jal hydrates the skin by infiltrating the pores and settling there. You sprinkle Gulab Jal on your skin whenever you feel your skin is getting dehydrated. Gulab Jal contains organic constituents that improve your skin fabric.

Treats Acne

Gulab Jal removes excessive oil from your face and reduces the bacterial content of your skin that causes acne. The pH level can be regulated effectively by Gulab Jal which helps in controlling future breakouts on your skin.

Acts as a Skin Toner

Gulab Jal for skin controls the pH balance of your skin and wipes out the residual oils, settled specks of dirt, and grime from it. It produces a toning effect on your skin and hydrates it in an adequate amount. It cleans your skin perfectly, making it ready for further skin care treatments.

Reduces bruises and bumps

Gulab Jal for skin curbs redness, swelling, and irritations and produces a cooling effect on your skin. Gulab Jal combats under-eye inflammation and deftly restrains your skin puffiness.

Perfect for delicate skin

Skin disruption or damage is the result of a haphazard lifestyle, apprehension, and mental stress. Extrinsic factors also include the application of harmful skin products on the skin, exposure to UV rays, and extreme air pollution. As a result, skin redness and irritation get generated that disturbs the composure of your skin. Gulab Jal has anti-inflammatory properties that tackle your sensitive skin without producing any side-effect.

Produces an anti-aging effect

You might be using skin care products like cleansers, face creams, facial packs, soaps on a regular basis but it is important to know that the application of these products promotes faster aging of your skin. Even, exposure to adverse weather conditions might generate radicals that damage your skin. Gulab Jal for skin is enriched in antioxidants that nullify the effects of the free radicals, maintaining the quality and texture of your skin.

Treats Skin Disorders

Gulab Jal for skin provides a soothing effect for certain irritable conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Gulab Jal has anti-inflammatory and rejuvenating properties that provide optimum treatment for skin irritation and aggravation.

Exhilarates your skin

Sprinkle drops of Gulab Jal on your skin to keep it hydrated. It helps in hydrating your skin to an optimum level. It plays the role of a face mizzle and produces a rejuvenating effect on your skin. With the application of Gulab Jal, your skin will look graceful and agile.

Defends Sunburns

Gulab Jal produces a cooling effect on your skin and mollifies your skin roughness caused by frequent sunburns. If you have not taken precautionary measures from the scorching sun, then apply cotton pads dipped in Gulab Jal to cure your skin instantly.

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