Get relief from pain with Mahanarayan oil

Mahanarayan oil

In Ayurveda Mahanarayan Oil for pain relief is a very famous herbal oil. It is used in the treatment of arthritis, paralysis, and eye diseases. Ayurveda is said to be the oldest and most powerful medicine that is originated in India. Due to its effects and advantages, Ayurvedic medicine is used worldwide. The oil is made from a blend of sesame oil, camphor oil, and a variety of herbs. It is used to relax sore muscles and treat various health problems. It also gives relief to the muscles and joint pain.

It is very effective and removes the continuous joint pain and back pain. It is used to massage in order to reduce muscle tension and treat sore muscles and joints pain. It also treats various diseases like anxiety, arthritis, headache, inflammation and stress. It also stimulates circulation, releases congestion in the lungs and encourages detox. In Ayurvedic treatment, Mahanarayan oil is used to treat the imbalance in vata dosha. When the vata exceeds its limits, it can lead to health problems like constipation, high blood pressure, arthritis, and digestive disorders.


This oil is made with wide range of herbs likes Dashamula (an ayurvedic formula made with ten different herbs, including tribulus), Shatavari, Arjuna, Ashwagandha, Fennel, Neem, Valerian, Turmeric, Phyllanthus, Cardamom, Clove, Ginger, Licorice and Tulsi. Mahanarayan oil recipe is that all these herbs are mixed with the oil to create the oil.


This oil is used to remove friction and heat throughout the body evenly. It acts as a nutrient for the skin and strengthen the nerve system which are connected to the hair follicles. It also provides resistance to environmental temperatures and pressures. It has some important benefits like when applied to the navel in the night, it helps cure the dryness in the whole body. When applied to the spine and skull junctions, it has an ability to calm the entire nervous system, improve the eyesight and strengthen memory.

Mahanarayan oil benefits

Mahanarayan oil has potential health benefits and its beneficial effects when applied topically (i.e., to the skin), camphor also has pain-relieving effects. It reduces joint and muscle pain, it is very useful arthritis and paralysis. It helps nourish skin. There are many more Mahanarayan oil benefits.

Where to buy from?

Mahanarayan oil is sold in stores that specializes in natural and ayurvedic products.  You can also purchase from pharmacy or buy mahanarayan oil online.

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