Experiencing knee pain often? Here are some common causes

Change in the lifestyle is one main reason for the knee pain in most of the people. People are having chronic knee pain, swelling, or sensitivity in one or both knees most of the time. There are many reasons that contribute to this and they can be determined through the symptoms that one experiences. Sometimes there can be temporary knee pain also; that may be caused because of injury or accident. However, having chronic knee pain needs medical attention.

The root cause of this problem is that it originates in the bony structures compromising the knee joint. At time, knee pain can increase by doing improper exercise as it affects the surrounding muscles and their movements. This problem can affect any age group person and through home remedies, it can be treated most of the time.

Chronic knee pain can be caused due to injuries to the structure of the knee that lead to bleeding and swelling and this can create a chronic problem over time if not treated properly. Other reasons may include sprains and strains that happen near the knee. At times, there can be an infection to the knee that can affect its working. In addition, if we use a bad posture and form when doing physical activity it can lead to knee pain that also includes, improper stretching the muscles etc. One more reason for this pain is not warming up or cooling down before or after physical activity

The risk factor increases of chronic knee pain when one is overweight or obese. As for every pound that a person is overweight, the knee has to absorb an extra 4 pounds of pressure when one walks, runs, or climb stairs. In addition, the age factor, previous injuries or trauma and athletic activity or physical exercise mater a lot in chronic knee pain.

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