Exercises that help you improve your posture

Exercises that help you improve your posture

Posture enhances your personality.

Exercise has become a must today due to our daily stressful life. Maximum percentage of the population works sitting in front of machines for non-stops 10 to 12 hours, this lead to improper body posture and various back pain. And the worst part is we don’t even realize it that we have been sitting with an incorrect stance from so far.

Personality is the reflection of how you walk, how your language is, what you wear, how you approach and most importantly ‘how you stand’. People can figure out things even by your posture. So better posture is an important aspect of your remarkable personality.

Here I would like to share some of the effective exercises to improve your posture.

1: Scarecrow

Exactly how to: Begin with standing with your feet hip-width apart. Holding light weights, center at the hips to begin in a starting position very much alike to a bent-over row. And most importantly your back has to be flat and arms should be straight down in front of you, just above your knees

First row your elbows back with your upper back muscles, so you hit a broken T shape.

Secondly, revolve your hands up about your shoulders.

Thirdly staying in the joint position, widen your arms straight forward and up to your ears.

Then go back with them towards starting position.

That is one rep. Redo same 3 sets of 8 reps.

2: Swimmers

Exactly how to: Start with laying on your tummy, with arms and legs spread. Keep your head in a hold on to a steady position by looking down to the floor in front of you.

Firstly try moving in a swimming motion, swing your arms down by your sides.

Secondly, bring your arms back up and overhead by your ears.

Thirdly, focus on maintaining shoulders on relaxed position.

Lastly, moving from the last and mid back. That is one rep. Practice same 3 sets of 8 reps.

3: Seated T-Spine Openers

Exactly how toStart off by sitting on a bench, keep your hands behind your neck besides keeping elbows in close to each other.

Firstly, raise your chest and elbows to the ceiling, then move about from your upper back. Try not to bend from your lower back.

Secondly, that is one rep. Keep doing 3 sets of 8-12 reps.

This above exercise will surely help you improve your posture and make you look sophist and attractive in public.

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