Do and Don’ts when suffering from back pain

It is expected that within 80 and 90% of people will feel low back pain at some time in their life.
There are things you should do when your backbone pains.

1) Don’t rest on your belly

Sleeping on your stomach is the worst imaginable situation when you have low back pain. Sleeping in this position will put the amount of pressure on your neck and lower back. 

2) Do proper stretching workouts

No matter how much your back hurts, the chances are that doing stretching workouts will help lessen the pain. Yoga is probably the best stretching workout for those with back pain. Don’t be scared to modify times to avoid low back pain. Don’t push reaching beyond your limits. You should feel a gentle time and not a burning or hard pulling feeling.

3) Don’t look below for hours at a time

Most people are entirely unaware of how many hours they spend looking down at cell phones and tablets. Your post might include writing or other tasks that involve looking down. Take regular breaks whenever you are using a cell phone, reading or doing any other assignment that holds you are looking down. Elongate your neck after every 30 minutes.

4) Do get daily massages

A massage is one of the most refreshing things you can do for your back.

5) Don’t sit for long periods

Our bases are not meant for sitting for the long term. Lying is not only connected to many health difficulties, but it also wreaks destruction on your lower back.

6) Do pay attention to your position

Too many people spend hours fell over a keyboard, bowing on the sofa looking at television or fell over seeming down at our cell phones. Put your back upon the backrest of your seat and sit upright.

7) Don’t carry heavy objects or wear heels

Don’t carry a heavy backpack, briefcase, purse, or laptop bag! The added weight will only make your lower back pain worse. Avoid taking anything that weighs more than 5 to 7 pounds. Don’t wear high heels, either. Anything higher than 1 inch will increase the pressure on your lower back.

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