Diabetes One of the Main Causes Joint Pain

Diabetes One of the Main Causes Joint Pain

In cases of diabetes lot of people suffer from joint pain, as it effects the joint functions by making the movement harder. It is observed that 47 percent people with arthritis also have diabetes, as the extra glucose sticks to the surfaces of joints, gumming up their movement. High glucose levels degrade the collagen itself. The reduced flexibility of joints leads to stiffness, greater risk of physical injury, and falls. This condition is called diabetic arthropathy.

People with joint pain have reduced activity due to discomfort and fear of falling but this should not happen, in-fact they should exercise regularly.

Regular exercise like stretching keeps muscles and tendons relaxed and aligned so they will move surely. Aerobic exercise like walking or swimming usually improves hip and knee function. One must do a mix of physical exercises to reduce the joint pain.

In addition, the most important thing is improving glucose control levels that will keep the joints from getting sugarcoated and stiff. Other symptoms of joint problems include thick skin, changes in the feet, painful shoulders etc.

Exercises that will help reduce weight and it is very beneficial as it helps in joint movements as well as reducing diabetes. Here the ayurvedic medicines that help in joint pain are also very useful as they give relief and heal the damage done to the joints because of diabetics completely. Joint pain from diabetic arthropathy comes in different forms, but it can be cured if proper precautions and exercise is done. Better management of blood glucose levels and physical exercises is the best way to slowly come out of this condition.

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