Cough Syrup for dry cough: Sign, Causes & Effective Home Remedies

            Cough Syrup for dry cough: Sign, Causes & Effective Home Remedies

Cough Syrup for Dry Cough

Sheetal Herbal provides the best remedy for a dry cough. It has cough syrup for a dry cough that is very effective. Learn more about the natural remedies here. A dry cough is known as a non-productive where no mucus is created. It leads to the tickly throat and if often caused by viral diseases such as cold and flu. It can also happen due to allergies and throat infections.

With the rise in pollution and other diseases, coughs have become common. There are two types of a cough-wet and dry cough. An unproductive cough is often dry and does not include any phlegm or mucous while coughing. It can often be quite annoying and persistent. There are many causes for such unproductive coughs. Sheetal Herbal’s cough syrup is the powerful and effective medicine for a dry cough. It helps to get rid of the chronic dry cough.

Some Basic Causes

The causes of unproductive coughs may be wide and varied. It can be a combination of many illnesses or a single cause that leads to such medical issues. Coughs can be associated with asthma and bronchitis, heart failures, lung tumors, pneumonia, choking, smoking, and Gastroesophageal reflex diseases. Coughs can be both voluntary and involuntary. It is considered as a disease when its frequency increases.

However, today there are many cough syrups available in many of the online and offline stores. dry cough syrups are also available today but there are many effective home remedies for treating unproductive coughs. These remedies prove to be very effective and treat various sore throat conditions.

Effective Dry Cough Remedies

A dry cough can be cured with medications, but it has more effective home remedies. Some of the most effective home remedies include the following.

Ginger: One of the most effective home remedies for unproductive coughs include ginger. Known to heal various diseases, ginger has a unique capability to cure unproductive coughs. Ginger roots are known to possess healing qualities, so it is important to consume the roots of ginger with a little salt to clear the throat and cure the swelling.

Honey: It is popularly known as one of the best home remedies to cure a number of diseases. It also helps to cure a dry cough. Honey also helps to cure a sore throat and pain. Honey, when consumed along with turmeric, is one of the best and effective cures for unproductive coughs.

Steam inhale: Another effective remedy to clear unproductive coughs includes steam inhalation. By inhaling steam, it is possible to pass moisture to the dry airways and clear the throat, thereby reducing severe to mild unproductive coughs.

Saltwater: Gargling with warm salt water helps to reduce the swelling in the throat and reduce unproductive coughs.

Apple cider vinegar: Another effective remedy for an unproductive cough includes a mixture of apple cider vinegar and honey to reduce unproductive coughs caused during the night.

Warm water: Consumption of warm water with a spoon of honey helps to reduce a dry cough to a great extent. It helps to cure an unproductive cough completely.

Aloe vera: This unique plant is known to possess millions of healing qualities. It is used as an effective medicine for various diseases. It is also known for its soothing and curing abilities. To cure itchy and dry coughs, a mixture can be made with extracts of aloe vera and honey for relief. There are many cough syrups available today which contain extracts of aloe. It is used as an alternative to bitter cough syrups by many people.

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