Can These Popular Herbs Help You Sleep Better?

Getting adequate sleep is one of the important thing to keep your health. As food, air, water is important for living, sleep is also important. Without sleep the body, functioning does not happen properly. Experts have pointed that lack of sleep can lead to many problems that include physical as well as psychological. Sleep helps the body grow muscle, create hormones and repair tissue. In ayurveda there are some herbs that help you in getting better sleep. Some of the herbs that help in better sleep are –

Ashwagandha – It enables the body to manage pressure and hormone uncertainties caused by pressure, particularly directing cortisol levels around evening time. Cortisol is the thing that gets you up at 2 am contemplating a million things immediately and not having the capacity to fall back sleeping. Taking 500mg of Ashwagandha day by day can enable your body to out pressure hormone levels, which can enable you to get a decent night rest. It has additionally been appeared to ease tension and sadness.

Chamomile: This herb relaxes the body muscles and the mind. It helps to calm the mind and works as a sedative. This is one of the herb that can be consumed safely by children also. It is good for adults as well to get a sound sleep and relax the tension.

Lavender: One easily available herb in India that has good relaxing and calming quality. This herb works best on the nervous system and a few drops of lavender oil can help you get the best sleep. If used regularly it reduces the restlessness and depression problem.

Lemon balm: It is considered as one of the best mood lifters and creates calmness and relaxes mind. Depression one of the main psychological problems that people face, this herb can help in getting a good sleep. This balm helps in promoting mental and physical health.

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