Benefits of herbal hair oil

Herbal hair tonic is a traditional Ayurvedic recipe for healthy and shiny hair. Its natural ingredients create it excellent for hair growth and their deep nourishment. Bhringraj boosts blood circulation to the scalp, stimulating it and triggering hair growth. The increased blood circulation ensures better food for your hair follicles, resulting in healthy hair growth. Jatamansi or ointment helps in hair growth and makes them smooth, glossy and healthy. Amla contains tons of essential fatty acids, that strengthen hair follicles, giving your hair strength and lustre. The excess of vitamin C in amla will help halt pre-mature greying. It also helps in solidifying hair loss.

Here are the top most benefits of using herbal hair oil:

1)    It provides natural goodness to hair. Herbal hair tonic contains vitamins and micro-nutrients, which acts as food for your hair.

2)    Hair oil helps in preventing hair loss and tames frizzy hair. Hair ends need special care, and herbal hair oil pampers them through their nutrients.

3)    Natural hair oil reinvigorates hair tissues. No matter, your shampoo and conditioner are made up of how many right ingredients, but they can’t profoundly nourish your scalp the way a hair oil does.

4)    A thorough massage with such hair tonic boosts blood circulation in the scalp and strengthens hair.

5)    Natural hair oils contain some rare fatty acids which make them shiny and lustrous.

6)    Regular use of natural oils cures the problem of premature grey hair.

Sheetal herbal hair oil has no artificial scent and colours. Its scent has a calming and meditative effect which relaxes nerves and uplifts mood. Apply a generous amount of the product and massage it on scalp and hair. Leave it for a couple of hours or overnight. Then wash your hair as usual.

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