Ayurvedic Pain Killer for pain relief

Ayurvedic Pain Killer

Ayurvedic Pain KillerThe Ayurvedic pain killer acts as the optimum solution for reducing arthritis pain, natural pains, pains arising from joints and muscle cramps. Ayurvedic painkiller serves as the perfect replacements for dangerous allopathic drugs that act as pain-relievers but also comes with a plethora of side-effects that deteriorate your health in the long run.

They not only address your pain disorders and muscle spasms but also dissolve the underlying causes of such problems. Some doctors suggest taking ayurvedic painkillers in order to compliment pharmaceutical drugs. Ayurvedic painkillers include herbs, foods, essential oils that are void of steroidal benefits and therefore act as remedies for mild to moderate aches and spasms.

Here is a compiled list of ayurvedic pain killers in India that are used in every household as pain-relieving medicine.

Devil’s claw

Popularly known as ‘Baghnakh’, this ayurvedic painkiller has medical ingredients like harpagide and harpagoside that fight arthritis pain, back pain, and other crucial inflammatory ailments. These components contribute to pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities of this herb. It can be consumed as capsules or tea and in ointments for external applications. According to doctors, you can consider taking 750mg of this herb on a daily basis.

White willow bark

This ancient herb acts as pain remedies for arthritis and is a widely used ayurvedic painkiller in India. It has salicin that helps in the synthesis of salicylic acid. It acts as ayurvedic pain-killer by stopping the production of one particular group of prostaglandins that serve as pain-messengers. The white willow bark is void of any side-effects and it serves as perfect pain-relieving solutions for chronic and acute pain in the lower back, joints, or teeth, and can also reduce inflammation and fever. It can be consumed 1-3 times on a daily basis but make sure the dosage should not exceed 400 mg.


Garlic is applied to treat ear pain in India. People living in the rural part of the country mostly use garlic for earache treatment. It releases essential oils which when warmed is applied to the troubled ears until your earache gets completely healed.


Honey is an integral part of a healthy lifestyle. Doctors recommend honey for better voice, improved speech and to prohibit oral infections and inflammations. If you gargle with honey, there is a better chance that your mouth sores will be cured. Honey helps in relieving chronic pain and plays a key role in healing tissues. It is used as an ayurvedic painkiller in India to reduce ulcer aches.


It acts as an ayurvedic painkiller that prevents inflammation and pain since it contains pain-relieving constituents that lower prostaglandin levels. It plays an active role in relaxing contracted blood vessels and increasing blood flow to the brain. This herb is used for treating menstrual disorders, chronic migraines, and stomach-aches.

You can drink it in the form of tea by adding 2-3 fresh leaves in boiling water. It can be taken as capsules on a regular basis. The ideal dosage should be somewhere in between 1-6.


They are packed with antioxidants called anthocyanins that give them a reddish texture. They serve as a prime herbal remedy for pain relief. They are more effective in lowering pain than the most common painkillers available in the market.


It is renowned for its anti-inflammatory properties. It acts as a natural pain reliever that helps you in avoiding diabetic aches. Recent studies have proved that turmeric decreases the pain and irritation experienced by patients in arthritis and fibromyalgia. It acts as a solution for crabby bowel ailment and its anti-inflammatory properties relieve natural pain or painfulness in the joints caused by arthritis.


It cures pre and postmenopausal syndromes and reduces menstrual pains. You can drink buttermilk two to three times a day. It plays a key role in combating vaginal infections and yeast infection. Women, encountered with postmenopausal syndromes, often suffer from physical and psychological irritation. The calcium in buttermilk calms those pains and treats auxiliary gynecological disorders with efficiency.

Ginger Root

Fresh ginger or ginger root should be included as a part of your diet to relieve arthritis pain and muscle spasms. It has a positive effect on reducing swelling and stiffness. Ginger has a high medicinal value that is effective in reducing chronic pains and natural pains.


It helps in better digestion and faster metabolism. Apple cider vinegar heals acid reflux and pains releasing due to digestive diseases. Vinegar has malic and tartaric acids that streamline the breakdown of harder, bigger, and complex food pieces to smaller easily comestible ones.

Epsom Salt

It is a highly effective ayurvedic pain-killer in India that is used to relieve pain for legs without any side-effects. Ayurveda specialists infer that the warm-water bath of Epsom salt is enriched with magnesium that acts as an excellent pain reliever. It also soothes arthritis pain and provides relief to chronic pain disorder. Epsom salt is loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory traits that help them in serving as tropical painkillers and antibiotics void of any side-effects.


Clove powder combats toothaches and tooth-related disorders. It is packed with eugenol that has antibacterial properties. As an ayurvedic painkiller, it has anesthetic effects that soothe the toothaches. It regulates the PH levels and keeps a check on all oral infections.

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