Ayurvedic medicines for your skin and hair

Every once in a while, it’s a fabulous idea to turn down the elements and let all-natural. We realise that we do get a little lazy about preparing pastes and herbal solutions. Hence, we scouted out the most reliable one-step Ayurvedic medicines that’ll work their charm on your skin and hair.  A statement of advice; like most common ways you have to keep at them for a while for them to yield result.

 Read on: 

1. Raw milk for clean skin

 Raw milk acts as an exceptional polish for your skin. It assists in getting rid of all surface-level dust as well as germs and also cleans the pores from within. When several spoons of lemon juice are mixed with milk and used on the face, it could help stop acne and blemishes. 

2. Methi for long, lustrous hair 

Methi, one of the Indian cuisine’s most favoured herbs when combined with hot water and crushed into a paste can help restore your scalp and promote the fullness of your hair. Give the paste on your hair for about 20 minutes and then wash it.

3. Orange juice for soft skin

Did you know that apart from assisting keep coughs at bay, orange juice when used externally can help change the feel of your skin? With its rich vitamin content, it also moves for a high toner and improves your skin steer free of wrinkles and the symptoms of untimely ageing.

 4. Coconut milk for brightness

 A plan we weren’t aware of until now, coconut milk when utilised to the skin acts as a regular cleanser to improve the brightness of your skin. Use it with a cotton ball, keep it on for a few moments and wash it off for a real shine.

5.  A combination of ingredients to battle hair loss

 When it reaches to combating hair fall, go behind to nature with the Hair Oil. With its natural element range including Neem, Rosemary and Amla, it is built to withstand hair fall in just three weeks. Simultaneously with this, it also prevents hair damage and lasts dandruff to give you with dense hairs.

 6. Raw potato to handle pigmentation

 One of the simplest ways to get relieved of pigmentation on the peel? Chop a raw potato through the central and rub it on your face. Since raw potato is a common skin lightener, it can isolate those dark spots and marks of tanning. Plus, it operates on all sorts of skin.

 7. Rosewater and cucumber to dismiss flaws

 Among the many beauty advantages of rose water that we have previously spoken about – here is one more extra. Rosewater mixed with lime and cucumber juice in equal parts and implemented on the skin overnight is said to be a simple remedy to battle spots and troubled skin.

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