9 spices that prevent gas problems and flatulence

We, Indians are addicted to junk foods that are prepared in too much oil. Due to regular consumption of such dishes, we frequently suffer from stomach aches or cramps. The pain and irritation we experience due to the formation of excessive gas are uncontrollable. Such irregularities in our diet cause acute diarrhoea and constipation. Apart from taking oleaginous food items, our habit of smoking, chewing gums, drinking carbonated drinks are also harmful to our health since they play a consolidated role in causing gas and flatulence.
However, regular exercises and walking can reduce the chances of gas and indigestion within our body. Another way of preventing digestion hazards is by including herbs, spices and nutrients to our meals.
Here is a compiled list of nine spices that helps us in circumventing the negative impacts of greasy food items on our body and streamline the digestion process within our system

Turmeric or ‘haldee’
Turmeric plays a significant role in dwindling the syndrome of gas and bloating in individuals who suffer from the chronic disorder of indigestion. Turmeric, as a food additive, acts as a remedy for the gas and flatulence.
It can be added to a hot beverage like tea or to grilled food items, vegetables, and sauces.

Star anise or ‘chakr phool’
It is a type of spice that can be used in preparing herbal tea, soup, and pasta dishes. It prevents muscle stiffness in our stomach and helps us in averting bloating issues. It also helps in muscle relaxation and by chewing some seeds after a meal we can easily bypass the dreadful effects of gas and flatulence.

Garlic or ‘lahasun’
Food items enriched in garlic become active during a bloating detox and fight the residual yeasts in the gut. Hence, garlic supplements play a key role in the prevention of gas flatulence and bloating. We must consider intaking garlic capsules on a regular basis. Raw garlic can also be combined with homemade salad preparations for added flavour and digestive benefits.

Fennel or ‘saumph’
Fennel seeds can be added to a cup of tea or they can be chewed post our meal to prevent the effects of gas and bloating. A lot of restaurants serve them after a meal. About half a teaspoon of fennel seeds acts as a remedy for flatulence.

Cardamom or ‘ilaayachee’
Cardamom seeds are also effective in weeding out the indigestion problem just like the fennel seeds. The combination of a half-teaspoon cardamom and a half-teaspoon fennel powder in warm water should be taken before a meal on a routine basis

Ginger or ‘adrak’
Ginger is renowned for its action against stomach inflammation. A cup of ginger tea after every meal will support us in dodging gas problems and flatulence. Ginger supplements should be taken before or after every meal. A teaspoon of minced ginger before a meal has health benefits. It provides a soothing effect on our stomach.

Enzymes or ‘enjaimon’
Enzymes act as biological catalysts that disintegrate the heavier food particles into granular pieces that can be digested easily. Fruits like pineapple and papaya contain enzymes like bromelain and papain respectively that break down the large-sized protein units into numerous miniature units that get easily dissolved in our stomach. In this way, enzymes help in accelerating the digestion process and prevent gas and flatulence. Apart from fruits enriched in enzymes, we can also consume enzyme supplements for an improved digestion mechanism.

Chamomile or ‘kaimomail’
This herb is found in tea, a tincture or in a supplement. Apart from its influence in promoting sleep, it can be utilized in combating frequent gas and flatulence problems. It also provides a valuable contribution in reducing the stomach ache or cramp.

Mint or ‘pudeena’
Mints like basil, peppermint, and spearmint have a notable impact in reducing bloating, flatulence, and gas problems. We can consider having a mint after dinner, or we can prepare a mint tea for faster digestion. Even chewing mint leaves after dinner is highly essential for regulating the metabolism within our body.

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