9 Natural foods that fight constipation

Constipation occurs when muscle movements become creaky, and the stools face the difficulty to pass. Meagre bowel movements change the time interval between stools evacuation. A person suffering from acute constipation often suffers from the irregular excretion of faeces. Medical treatment of such disorders consumes a lot of time and often includes pathology tests like blood test, colonoscopy etc.

Not all medicines and treatments are harmless for your body; Some of them produce side-effects that might worsen the condition even more. People suffering from gastric ailments or irritable bowel syndrome should prefer home remedies over medicines. If you are noticing constipation symptoms in your body, you should take help of natural resources to solve this problem. Natural treatments include the addition of healthy foods in your diet that help you in fighting bowel disorder and provides relief for your constipation problems.

Here is a list of healthy and chemical-free foods to fight constipation

Castor oil

This natural oil is used as a laxative to provide relief to constipation. It acts as a safe and effective remedy for constipation issues. It stimulates bowel movement to ensure smooth excretion of stool. You can mix a tablespoon of Castor oil in a glass of water and drink it before going to bed. Just one dose during bedtime is enough to relieve your pain and streamline your bowel movement in the morning.


They have a high content of natural dietary fibre that reduces the stiffness of your stool and makes it easy to pass. It is also enriched in a potassium-containing natural laxative compound called diphenyl isatin that functions appropriately to provide relief from constipation. You can include a cup of dried plums or prunes in your regular diet, or you can mix them with salad and eat. Prunes are also useful in reducing the cholesterol level of your blood.


Dehydration leads to constipation. To avoid such conditions, you need to drink enough water on a daily basis and stay hydrated. Consider drinking carbonated water since it replenishes the water content in your body and gives mobility to substances inside your system. Hydration eases your bowel movement and promotes smooth excretion of faeces.

Fibre-rich food

Foods that are rich in fibre increase the frequency and consistency of bowel movements, making the stools easier to defecate through the anus. Insoluble fibres present in wheat bran, vegetables and whole grains add bulk to your faeces and help them to pass more easily and smoothly through your digestive system. There are soluble fibres present in oats, barley, nuts, seeds, and green vegetables like Lentils, peas that soaks up water and creates a jelly gum that loosens your stools and improves the defecation consistency. Hence for combating constipation, you should intake a diet that contains the right mix of soluble and insoluble fibres.

Olive Oil

Natural oils act as laxatives by flattening the stool movement and excretion. If you want to cure constipation, you must start having 2 tablespoons of olive oil on an empty stomach in the morning. It acts as the shield for intestinal walls and facilitates smooth flow of stools. You can also use olive oil in food preparations, apart from consuming it on an empty stomach.

Coconut oil

It is enriched in high amounts of medium-chain fatty acids that provide relief from inconsistent bowel movements. For faster relief from constipation, you can take half or one tablespoon of coconut in the morning and same in the night. Coconut oil also provides comfort to chronic constipation issues. Apart from taking tablespoons of this oil, you can also add them to food items.

Triphala Powder

This brown-coloured herbal product is prepared from three plants, namely Amalaki, Haritaki, and Bibhitaki. This ancient Ayurveda solution provides relief to severe constipation problems and also improves muscle contractions for defecation purpose. It improves the digestion process by releasing several digestive enzymes. It is used as a natural laxative and aids relief for chronic constipation. You can drink the mixture of Triphala powder with water after dinner but avoid the intake of any other foods after drinking this.

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas act as natural laxatives that help your stools to pass smoothly without much pain or trouble. Herbal teas retain water in the colon and lead to faster defecation of stools. Herbal teas like Green tea, Peppermint tea, Black tea give quick relief from constipation problems. The laxative properties of the herbal tea can be further boosted by the addition of honey in it. You can simply prepare a cup of herbal tea by putting herbal tea leaves or granules in boiled water. Within 5 minutes, you will have your herbal tea prepared. Drink 2-3 cups on a daily basis to get instant relief from constipation.


Coffee vitalizes the digestive muscles and produces a stronger impact on your guts. It is more influential than water when it comes to relieving constipation. Caffeinated coffee has variable amounts of soluble fibres that stimulate the muscles in your intestines and enhances the balance of your intestinal bacteria. Hence, your urge for defecation increases

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