7 tips to keep you fit and healthy at work

For some people, the workday schedule becomes so hectic and rough that they don’t get enough time to feed themselves. Staying healthy at work is tough, especially when you are stuck sitting in one chair for most of the day. Office employees like you are often affected by severe ailments like back pain, stiff shoulders, stress, dry eye, indigestion and other symptoms.

Here is a list of simple tips that helps you in leading a healthy lifestyle even on a crazy work schedule.

Get enough sleep

Lack of sleep might deteriorate your health. You might be stressed out if you don’t get enough sleep on a daily basis. By sleeping for adequate hours, you can kickstart your day on a happier note. A proper amount of sleep regulates the balance of hormones in your body. You can be more productive during the course of the entire day. If you don’t get adequate sleep, the overall quality of your work might get affected. It will also affect your emotional levels; you might feel dejected while working in your cubicle.

Workout regularly

If you are caught up with work, it’s okay. However, you need to prioritise your health over anything else. So, devise a flexible gym routine. You can visit your nearby gym in the early morning or before dinner. If your office has a gym, then you can hit the gym directly from your workplace. Create a healthy home exercise plan and try to adhere to it. Build muscles by undertaking strength training. Muscles burn excessive fat in your body and give it a proper structure. Workout exercises also boost your metabolism, helping you burn calories at a faster rate.

Stay fit and active

You burn extra fat while you are walking. When in the office, avoid elevators and take the stairs whenever possible. Rather than sitting in your cubicle, it is recommended to walk around whenever you are getting time to take a break from your work. Walk around when you are on the phone. Nowadays desk exercise is becoming popular in the workplace. Try to stay healthy and active since every small initiative count towards using your body, exercising it and making it fitter and more robust.

Add supplements to your diet

People who have an acute deficiency of Vitamin D should consult with physicians for relevant supplements. Women lack in two most essential minerals- Calcium and Iron. The deficit in calcium hampers your bone health and plays a negative role in your weight loss efforts. Iron deficiency creates overall health problems. Hence there is a risk of becoming tired very quickly without doing much work. Other disorders include poor appetite, behavioural issues, and increased risk of heart diseases.

Another medical problem which is making news in the modern era is the thyroid imbalance in women. You might suffer from this issue too. You will face difficulties in losing weight, and there is a possibility that you might experience unusual weight gain. You may also face the difficulty in sleeping, apart from other bizarre symptoms appearing in the scene. Hence, consulting with a doctor is necessary to keep yourself fit and energised.

Take care of your mental health

When you say healthy, you talk about your physical health. However, it should not be the case since apart from taking care of your physical health, you need to care for your mental health too. Hence, to relax your mind and improve your emotional levels, try exercises such as meditation, yoga, listening to music, and more. You can also discuss your favourite topic with your co-workers since such interactions will keep you refreshed during work hours. If you feel really stressed, try reading funny memes or posts to make yourself laugh.

Stay Hydrated

Doctors always prescribe everyone to drink an adequate quantity of water every day; however, you might fail to do so. It should be remembered that water keeps you refreshed and staying hydrated will also keep your mind off coffee, tea or any other beverage. You can also suppress your sudden food cravings by drinking a sufficient quantity of water. Consider drinking only plain water and avoid sweet drinks. You can add extra flavour to your drink by putting strawberry or lemon slices in your glass for an alluring twist in terms of taste.

Indulge in a healthy diet

If you have an objective of staying fit and active, you should opt for nutritious foods. Try to bring your lunch, or if your company provides food, choose a healthy item that perfectly complements your health. Avoid eating junk food and unhealthy snacks such as chips, fries, and sweets. Select foods that contain omega-3’s such as nuts, fresh fruits, etc. Dark chocolate has high glucose levels that satiate your hunger pangs and also improve your mental abilities. Keep alternate food options at your desk while you are feeling hungry.

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