7 secrets from Ayurveda for better digestion

Healthy digestion is absolutely beneficial for the improvement of your overall health. If you are even suffering from digestive ailments, you must consider resorting to the secrets and tricks from Ayurveda that would help you in the faster and augmented digestion process.

Here are some secrets from Ayurveda for better digestion capacity.

Add ginger and salt pinch to your regular diet

Ginger is a multi-purpose Ayurvedic herb that promotes smooth digestion. It serves as an essential spice for those who frequently suffer from constipation or frequent coughs and colds. Consuming fresh ginger will help you to dodge severe bleeding and burning sensations.

Rocksalt acts as the digestive stimulant that supplies nutrients to the eyes and the heart without causing burning effects.

Indulge in warm food and drink warm water

Digestion faces automatic improvement when you start taking hot food items and drink mild water. The digestive system is referred to as the ‘fire’ in Ayurveda. It gest extinguished when it is filled with cold substances. Hence, to propel the digestive mechanism, the digestive system will be enriched with warm foods and beverages.

Keep calm and eat your food

Taking food inside is one way of feeding your sacred inner abode. Each time, it becomes a sacred experience when you sit with a tender heart just before meals and wait for food with gratefulness to god. Digestive differences come out in the open when you consume food on the go or when you do the same when you sit quietly.

Slow eating enables you to eat slowly and chew the food and experience the subtlety of the flavour and aroma of the food.

Practice ‘Asanas’ after eating

Yoga stems from Ayurveda that instructs you to follow exercises and ‘asanas’ just after finishing your diet. It is worthy of mention that running around after eating is not a feasible exercise under all the circumstances. Hence, it is essential to practice ‘Vajrasana’- a pose in Ayurveda that encourages you to sit on your knees with your hips resting on your heels and toes ideally touching. Even if you face difficulty to practice this yogic pose, you can sit up straight and remain in your position with closed eyes even after eating for a few minutes. It would help your food getting absorbed in the system and emanate valuable strength and energy for running your body.

Add a tinge of healthy spices to your food

According to Ayurveda tradition, there are a variety of Ayurveda spices when added to a plethora of cooked items make them comestible. Some of the beneficial spices you can add to your meals are Cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, ajwain seeds etc.

Each of these spices plays a key role in stimulating digestive fire and thereby prohibiting unnecessary gas and bloating.

Wait for digestion of your previous meal

Loading on snacks is essential especially during your busy work schedule. When you are working from 9 to 6, you might often neglect your eating habit. Whenever you get an opportunity to fill your mouth with snacks, you take it. The problem lies in the fact that your digestive system does not get sufficient time to process what you have just consumed. It becomes excess to your body and paves the way for several digestive irregularities.

You are encouraged to take food when you feel light and hungry. In such a scenario, your body has also digested the previously eaten food particles. Hence, you would receive signals indicating that you need to fill in more.

Do not let emotions guide your diet

You should consider reducing your food when you are emotionally-controlled. You should give up your intense emotions such as a sense of anger, distress, sadness, and anxiety just before consuming foods. Simply speaking, you should not charge up on foods when you are in mentally dissatisfied or heated.

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