7 Foods That Keep You Warm During Winter

After scorching summers and pluvial monsoon, it’s time to enjoy the chilly breeze of winters. Cold weather gives your body the warmth it needs. You need to take the right foods during winters to keep yourself heated from within, accelerate the metabolism, and keep your body warm. If you don’t choose foods that cause warmth, you may end up feeling sleepy and lethargic during winters. In some cases, you might end up spending your winter in bed, diagnosed with cold-borne diseases. But don’t be afraid!

Here are seven great foods that can not only keep you warm during biting winters but also boost your energy levels to pass through the cold winters.

1. Honey

Honey is warm in nature and by taking it on a daily basis, the body warmth is maintained. Honey aids in keeping cold, cough and flu at a distance and thereby strengthen your body immunity. You can add some drops of honey in a glass full of hot water and sip on some part of the mixture in the morning to keep yourself warm and charged.

2. Sesame seeds

Chikki is an Indian sweet dish that is prepared in households during winters. Chikkis are made of sesame seeds which are beneficial for keeping the body warm and cosy during winters. These seeds are enriched in iron and calcium content that strengthen the bones and muscles. You can soak some sesame seeds overnight and grab them in the morning, or you could prepare small balls of jaggery and sesame seeds and eat one every morning to keep yourself galvanised and warm. Sesame oil, helpful in controlling body temperature, can also be used for cooking.

3. Root vegetables 

Root vegetables are the special types of veggies that grow below the surface, like radish, turnip and sweet potatoes. Root vegetables keep the body warm as they decelerate the digestion process and produces more heat within the system. You can use these vegetables to make yourself a warm soupy stew, or you could add them into a salad.

4. Ghee

During winters, you might have noticed that your mother house-cook puts ghee on your rotis. There is a fixed reason behind such a practice. Desi ghee is the most easily digestible fat that gives the body the warmth it needs. It helps in digestion, prevents constipation, increases immunity and protects the body against cold and flu. Add a few drops of ghee in any one of your home-cooked dishes like dal tadka or sabzi, or else you could cook food in ghee.

5. Ginger

Ginger has thermogenic properties that play a definite role to regulate your temperature during winters. It also boosts metabolism and promotes blood flow. Brew yourself a hot cup of ginger tea in the morning to keep yourself energized.

6. Dry Fruits

Dry fruits like almonds, cashew and raisins produce heat within the body. They also cure Anaemia and other diseases that are caused due to the deficiency of iron and vitamins. Eat a variety of raw fruits or include them in your salad or milk.

7. Tulsi

Tulsi has medicinal properties and is enriched in vitamin C, A, zinc and iron that collaboratively work towards building immunity against cold borne diseases like cold, cough, sinus and other respiratory problems. Tulsi leaves can fight you against diseases and keep your body warm during the cold weather.

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