6 Treks near Mumbai that are good for health

Monsoons in Mumbai become cushier when you spend time in the pleasant atmosphere of your home or an alleviating nearby cafe. Not far from the city there are some of the most stunningly appealing trekking destinations that appear greener and more vibrant in the incessant monsoons. Here are six treks around the city that offer you a livening experience during the weekends.

Peb or Vikatgad Fort

Peb fort stands at the height of 2100 feet above sea level and is an easy to moderate level trek that gives you a lush, green forest experience with few rock patches. The fort consists of several caves, a few temples and a well-preserved meditation chamber. The uniquely beautiful view of the base village, as well as the adjacent hills from the peak of the fort, will melt your heart. You can take a local Karjat-bound train from Mumbai’s Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminus.to reach Neral, the starting point of the trek.

Raigad Fort

The Raigad Fort, is of immense significance in the history of the Maratha Empire, is regarded as one of the most popular trekking destinations in Maharashtra that is located approximately at the height of 2700 feet above sea level. It offers an easy to moderate level trekking experience for the visitors. The remarkable architecture of this centuries-old fort is immersed in an abundance of nature. You can travel by an overnight bus from Mumbai to Mahad village, and from there you need to take a bus to reach the base of the fort.

Prabalgad Fort

It is located within three hours outside Mumbai, Prabalgad fort offers an easy to moderate level trekking experience. It is located at about 2300 feet above sea level, and like other forts in the locality, it remained under the supervision of generations of Mughal and Maratha rulers. It is a popular trekking destination in the Sahyadri mountains, Prabalgad comes alive with wildlife and greens during the monsoons. You travel by a local train to Panvel, and from there it would hardly take 15 mins by bus to reach the base village of Thakurwadi.

Mahuli Fort

Mahuli fort offers a fantastic trekking experience to the enthusiasts just about two hours outside Mumbai. You can travel by a local train to Asangaon station and from here take a bus or a rickshaw that takes you to Mahuli village. The local temple serves as the starting point of the trek. Situated at 2815 feet, the fort is the highest point in Thane district and offers an astonishing view of the surrounding hills and the village below. This old fort was once controlled by the Mughals, followed by the Mughals, and now it serves as the focal point for admirers of history.

Vasota Fort

Nestled in the dense outback of the Koyna wildlife sanctuary, the Vasota fort offers a spectacular adventure for experienced trekkers as well as wildlife enthusiasts. The surrounding Koyna river offers a breath-taking view from the crest. The fort is located at 3842 feet above sea level. The adjacent Shiv Sagar lake and Nageshwar caves offer unavoidable sights. You can travel overnight by buses or trains from Mumbai to Satara, and there you can take a bus to the base village of Bamnoli.

Kalsubai Peak

Kalsubai peak is one of the most cherished destinations for hikers in Maharashtra. Hailed as the “Everest of Maharashtra,” it is the highest peak of the Sahyadri mountains at 5400 feet above sea level and offers an advanced level trek. It is a steep climb through rugged terrain, but in the end, you will experience the picturesque view of the Sahyadri mountains, as well as the nearby Bhandardhara backwaters. Bari gaon, the village at the base of the peak is less than three hours away from Mumbai by road. You can also catch a bus to the town from Kasara, where you travel by train.

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