5 Yoga Poses You Must Try While You Are Stuck in Traffic

Have you ever thought about your inactivity when you are stuck in exhausting traffic quandaries while going to your office in the rush hours? After remaining stranded in such gruesome situations, you often reach office dejected and irritated, and you unveil your rowdy side on your colleagues. Hence, you need to start your office hour on a calming note and to make that happen, why don’t you start practising effective exercises while stuck in dense, ceaseless traffic?

Here are five yoga poses which will produce a refreshing effect even when you are waiting in the long traffic queue on the busy roads of a metro city.

Head Massage on the Go

At first, you need to straighten your head and keep your spine erect, Once you breathe in, you need to lift your right arm. Then, you would place the palm on top of your head. Start massaging the top of your head in a circular, clockwise motion. You need to breathe smoothly and deeply throughout the exercise. Slowly, the tension and stiffness in the head region will be released and you will feel a lot relaxed.

Jaw Release

Just like other exercises, you need to keep the spine erect and your head straight. Then, you need to place your fingertips on your cheekbones. You need to find the knot-making muscles. Once you relax your mouth, you need to press and massage the knots in a circular motion firmly. You need to lower it tightly, run your fingers down the jay line towards your chin. while practising this exercise; you need to breathe in and out smoothly and deeply. After repeating this exercise for specific times, you will experience the stiffness of your face eases out.

Rolling of Neck

This is another effective activity which would help you to unwind in those prolong hours in traffic. You need to start this exercise by keeping your spine, neck and head erect. Then, you begin to inhale and raise your chin and take the head back. Your throat will be stretched, and your neck muscles will be squeezed. You need to hold the posture for some time. Then you need to breathe out and bring your chin closer to your chest. By keeping this posture, you need to rotate your head gradually in both clockwise and anti-clockwise motion. Soon, your neck will feel relaxed.

Ear to Shoulder Stretch

The very first step of this exercise would ask you to keep your spine, neck and head erect. You need to breathe in frequently, raising your shoulders to your ears. By holding the posture, you need to exhale and drop your shoulders to your ears. This action should be repeated a number of times. You will experience your muscles getting compressed in your upper back. Following this, you need to stretch your spines, and you will feel the brimming of energy levels.

Quick Body Shake

To practice this exercise, you need to sit straight and tall. Try to keep your spinal cord, neck and head in a straight line. After that, you need to close in your hands to your chest. Start relaxing and loosening your wrists, shoulders, and head. Consider shaking your wrists, body and head collaboratively. This exercise would help you get rid of the inflexibility of your body.

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