5 ways to make your bones stronger without dairy

5 ways to make your bones stronger without dairy

Milk is not the only way to make the bones strong and healthy there are other means too. To make bones strong one needs vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin C, and vitamin K also which can be obtained from other products too that are not dairy products. One can get calcium that the body needs without ever touching a glass of milk.

One best way is get some sunshine through which one will get Vitamin D that helps the body absorb and maintain calcium. One must get the sun exposure for about 10 minutes at least two to three times a week to make bone strong. Eat leafy green veggies as they provide calcium and is most of the time an overlooked factor. The best combination to eat the green leafy vegetables is to combine them with some good fat like extra-virgin olive oil or coconut oil to absorb fat-soluble vitamins D and K.

Lift heavy to build strong is said to be a good way to keep the bones strong. As per experts, they point that the strength and muscle mass correlate with bone density making it stronger.

Eating nuts is also helpful, as bones also need with protein and fiber, minerals like calcium, zinc, manganese, and hard-to-get magnesium that are found in slow-roasted or dehydrated almonds and other nuts.

By reducing the salt intake also, one can make the bones strong.  Avoid foods that have 20% or more of the recommended daily sodium intake. Cutting excess sodium from your diet can make the bones strong.

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