5 Tips for Staying Healthy During the Beginning of New Year

Have u grabbed a bite of chocolate muffin on 31st? Or celebrated the beginning of a new year with a double-decker cheese pizza? Worrying over the issue of putting on some weight? Here is a task for you. As the holiday season is upon us and we have successfully completed the hangover of junk food and liquid calories, you must start avoiding food items that trigger an increase in your weight. While soups and salads are not everyone’s favourites, there are plenty of foods that might help you in controlling your weight.

Here are some foods you must try to relish post holidays in order to act strongly against the abrupt weight gain.

Stay Properly Hydrated

Keeping yourself hydrated and revitalised throughout the day becomes a challenge when you are busy touring places on a vacation. When you are visiting places, you might start losing focus on your water intake which takes a toll on your health. Hence it is recommended to keep yourself satiated with water. sometimes you get hunger pangs while you are thirsty. You feel like taking food items that are greasy and loaded with water content. If t5he plain taste of water jades you, try to mix it up by drinking fresh fruit juices, coconut water, and green tea.

Eat Light Snacks

Instead of food items packed with gluten and fats, you should consider taking healthy snacks such as a packet of nuts like almonds, walnuts, cashews, and seeds like sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds. These nuts and seeds are loaded with fibres. They keep you full for a longer time and prevent you from taking plumping snacks.

Go for Cheese

Certain varieties of cheese such as goat cheese, cottage cheese and ricotta are considered to be of supreme quality and loaded with health quotients. They are enriched in proteins, calcium, and healthy fats. Simultaneously, you should not indulge yourself intaking pizzas, burgers, or french fries to put on extra kilos.

Avoid staying with an Empty Stomach

As per the suggestion of the dieticians and eminent nutritionists, you must consider grabbing a healthy and filling breakfast before you start touring. If you are not taking a stuffing breakfast, you might face sudden hunger cravings wherever you go. This unnecessarily adds up to your calorie level within the system.

Enjoy Local Fruits

The time has come for you to dump ideas of taking processed junk and trans-fat-rich foods and start eating fresh food instead. Start savouring fresh local and seasonal produces. Consider trying some tropical fruits and refreshing coconut water.

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