5 Reasons to Eat Oranges During Winter

Do you want to indulge yourself in having sweeter and juicier fruits during winter? One fruit that might cross your mind is orange. This citrus fruit is not only delectable for your taste buds but has a multitude of health-related advantages. During the chilling winters when the temperature experiences a steep plunge, our immunity levels get hampered, skin becomes rough and dry, and the digestive mechanism receives a jolt. Oranges come to our rescue by supplying Vitamin C that acts as a vital component in reducing the risk of heart diseases, kidney stones, and infections of various kinds. Oranges being loaded with alkaline and detoxifying traits are highly needful for the body during winters. Here is the detailed list

Benefits Of Orange During Winter

1. Helps You in Losing Weight

Oranges act as rich fibre sources that help in improving digestive health alongside promoting loss of weight. These fruits are enriched in soluble fibres that help you in overcoming sudden hunger cravings and overeating. This also leads to reduced calorie intake on a daily basis, leading to acute weight loss. Fibre adds bulk to the faeces and promotes healthful digestion. Hence, while having orange juice, consider having its pulp since most of the fibres remain present in the pulp.

2. Boosts Skin Health

Apart from boosting your immunity, oranges play a key role in nourishing your skin health. It keeps your digestive system healthy even during winters. Vitamin C present in orange boosts the resistance of your body against certain pathogens which in turn provides strength to your immunity system. The intake of this citrus fruit is said to contribute in glowing of skin.

3. Fights Against Extreme Cold

We often suffer from extreme cold and cough during winters. To prevent such a deteriorating situation, you need to cash in on oranges. Oranges are enriched in Vitamin C, an essential compound that combats cold during winters. Hence indulge yourself in eating oranges to prevent yourself from catching a cold.

4. Improves Heart Health

Loading up on oranges this winter might prove to be a feasible option for ensuring improved health. The flavonoids present in oranges protect you from facing severe heart ailments. The orange juice produces an anti-inflammatory effect on the body and improves the functioning of blood vessels within the body.

5. Reduces The Risk Of Formation of Kidney Stones

Kidney stones may often be caused by the deficiency of citrates in urine. Citrate generally refers to citric acid that constitutes a major part in citrus fruits like orange. Doctors often prescribe a glassful of orange juice to patients with small kidney stones. Orange juice increases the citrus content in your urine and reduces the chances of formation of kidney stones.

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