5 Benefits of Oat Milk

Oat milk is one non-dairy alternative that is healthier and more nutritious than dairy. It is fantastic for your overall health, and the health experts are advising everyone to consume oat milk in breakfast. The non-dairy product is a treat for the nutritionists and foodies around the world. It is ideal for people who are intolerant towards lactose and prefer to keep their weights in check. This excellent food has a wide range of benefits.

Here are some of them.

Benefits of oat milk

  1. Contains vitamins and minerals

Oat milk is loaded with crucial vitamins and minerals that include vitamin A, iron, and calcium. It is said to contain 10 per cent of the RDA for vitamin A, which is twice as much as cow’s milk. Hence, a glass full of oat milk contains all the essential nutrients that keep you satiated and healthy.

  1. Free of Cholesterol

Oats are great options for people suffering from cholesterol problems. It does not contain the same cholesterol level as compared to whole milk from cows.

  1. Fat-free product

If you are strictly keeping an eye on your weight, it is best to switch to oat milk as it has negligible fat with plenty of vital nutrients. Oat milk is low in calories and is a healthy non-dairy alternative for many.

  1. Calcium-rich

Oat milk has higher calcium content compared to cow milk. It is said that it contains about 35 per cent of the RDA for calcium, while milk contains about 28 percent of the RDA for calcium. For people who are intolerant towards lactose consumption, there are chances that you will still be able to get enough calcium for the day. Oat milk comes at a lower price, and it can be manufactured at home too.

  1. Increased fibre content

Another trivial fact about oat milk contains more fibre than any other milk. So it keeps you satiated for longer, preventing you from sudden cravings and hunger pangs.

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