3 Low Calorie Snacks for Your Weight Loss Journey

Weight loss is a toilsome journey that demands you to be more careful with what you eat and how to control your sudden hunger pangs in the middle of the night. Losing weight is a difficult task to accomplish. You need to eat healthy foods and resort to physical exercises on a daily basis. Maintaining a reasonably healthy diet does not solve your weight loss problem. It is essential to identify the key gaps in your diet that is letting you down in terms of weight loss goals. Keeping a check on your food intake is critical to some extent. We have to identify the food items that add to the calorie content of your body. Some foods when prepared in a specific way contribute to a greater accumulation of calories within your body. Hence, you need to consider the food items you intake on a daily basis and adopt a mindful eating approach by ditching the fried foods and replacing them with roasted ones.

Here’s a list of 3 such low-calorie snacks that successfully assist you in your weight loss journey.

 1. Go for Roasted Namkeens Instead of Fried Ones

Shedding extra kilos is not an easy task. You need to sacrifice a lot of lip-smacking foods to reinstate your dieting plan. Fried foods are considered as poisons for those who follow a strict diet with the sole objective of keeping them fit and active. Fried foods add calories to your body that are harmful to your weight loss journey. You might like fried aloo bhujiya, but the catch is you cannot have it since you are strictly on a diet. Instead, selecting roasted or baked namkeens is a feasible option for you since they mimic the same taste and they are not loaded in calories. While opting for the roasted namkeens, choose the unsalted ones since the salted ones contain more water and let you gain more weight.

2. When Bhelpuri is a Better Choice

Deep-fried potato chips are toxic for those who want to reduce their weight at any cost. If you are a weight-loss enthusiast and have a fixed goal of appearing slimmer and fit, then Bhel Puri is the ideal food option. This food bet is made with puffed rice mixed with an assortment of spices that add to the flavour of the food. It might not be pleasing for your appetite, but you need to understand that it is quite favourable for your waistline.

3. Roasted Papads are Healthier Food Options

Papads in the roasted format are extremely pleasing to our appetite. But the real concern is when you start eating papads fried in oils. You need to adopt food options that are beneficial for your health. Cutting down on oil intake is a sensible choice for every fitness freak. Sprinkle a bit of black salt on roasted papads, or you can even add chopped onion or tomatoes on it.

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