10 Side Effects Of Consuming Ajinomoto You Didn’t Know

The FDA identifies MSG as a safe additive if consumed in controlled quantity. But there are plenty of side effects of Ajinomoto (MSG) indicating that we should avoid and reduce the consumption of food products that includes Monosodium Glutamate. In general, research on MSG is not going on, and they are having harsh effects on the health of every person. Although recognised as safe, there happen to be reports of unfavourable side effects from MSG consumption that are bothering thousands of food-lovers like you.

The side effects of Ajinomoto (MSG) are mentioned below:

1) MSG Symptom Complex

FDA recommends consumption of MSG in ideal quantity. Consuming MSG in excessive amounts might lead to Chinese restaurant syndrome, better regarded as the MSG symptom complex.

MSG symptom complex includes burning sensations in the face and neck region accompanied by breathing problems, headache, nausea, vomiting, and others.

2) Ajinomoto for Pregnant Women

Ajinomoto is not healthy for pregnant women since MSG in surplus quantity gives rise to free glutamates in the body that affects the baby by breaking down the membranal barrier of food supply to the baby. It affects the health of your baby since the immune system of the baby fails to withstand the action of harmful allergens and illness-causing microbes.

Hence during pregnancy, pregnant women should refrain from foods that include additives like Ajinomoto. The consumption of Ajinomoto also hampers sterility in females.

The free glutamates start affecting the brain neurons and coax them. Ingestion of Ajinomoto in increased quantity leads to water retention and high blood pressure during pregnancy.

3) Ajinomoto causes Headaches

Excess ingestion of MSG triggers severe headaches in individuals. People who keep on consuming Ajinomoto often suffer from painful headaches, and such a worsening situation might even lead to critical migraine problems.

A migraine headache involves intense pain, that is commonly experienced with symptoms like changes in vision, sensitivity to sound or light, or nausea.

4) Ajinomoto affects your Heart

Continued consumption of Ajinomoto gives rise to abnormal heartbeats, chest pains, and cardiac muscles arrest.

5) Ajinomoto affects your Nerves

Repetitive consumption of MSG leads to critical problems such as numbness, tingling or burning sensations in the face and neck.

MSG acts as the neurotransmitter, that stimulates the nerves and contributes to neurodegenerative disorders that include Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, Parkinson’s and multiple diseases.

6) Ajinomoto causes Asthma Problems

MSG triggers asthma attacks in individuals who are already infected with severe breathing ailments. MSG starts creating breathing troubles only after a few hours of its consumption. The ingredients interacting with MSG in your food can also give rise to asthma issues.

7) Ajinomoto influences Gain in Weight

Consumption of excess MSG causes overweight or obesity in people. The relation among high MSG intake and obesity placed even after accounting for the total number of calories people consumed.

MSG causes “leptin resistance.” Leptin present in your body triggers a signal to the brain to stop eating. As a result, it regulates appetite. Deficiency of leptin leads to the failure in indicating your brain to stop eating, and you lose control when to stop consuming.

Leptin deficit causes overeating as well as positive energy balance.

8) Ajinomoto causes hypertension

MSG has an effect of increasing the blood pressure. MSG consumption boosts the blood pressure mainly in women. With the simultaneous increase in blood pressure, people start suffering from hypertension too.

9) Ajinomoto causes Sleep Disorders

People consuming Ajinomoto experiences a change in sleep patterns and face snoring problems. These people are at the risk of suffering from sleeping disordered breathing (SDB) in future. MSG is a nervous stimulant that stimulates the brain cells or neurons, which causes you to be awake at night and triggers insomnia.

10) Ajinomoto might lead to Cancer

A well-investigated study in recent times stated that excessive ingestion of glutamate enhances cancer development. MSG-cancer link became popular in India when it was observed that heavy MSG consumers are mostly affected by cancers. It also neutralises the effects of certain anti-oxidants needed to fight cancer. The acute presence of MSG in the food of cancer patients would severely limit their treatment and recovery.

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