10 health benefits of running regularly

Running is an uncomplicated exercise that not only allows you to stay healthy but also influences the overall vibe of your mood and body. Everyone, irrespective of ages can practice it. If you have ever visited a park in your locality especially in the morning, you might have noticed a lot of kids and adults running at full speed. Running not only gives them shape but simultaneously livens up their mood. Even, people who are in their mid-40s and mid-50s practice running to stay fit and active.

Here are a few benefits of running that encourage you to run on a daily basis.

Promotes healthy heart conditions

Running pumps out blood from the ventricles at an increased rate and the blood gets uniformly supplied to the vital organs of your body. Running reduces the blood cholesterol level, the cause of your heart ailments like heart attack, high blood pressure and stroke. Regular joggers and runners are more likely to dodge heart diseases than occasional runners. Running also maintains the elasticity of the arteries and strengthens the heart.

Supports hearty lungs

Running improves the heart rate and boosts the function of respiratory muscles. It delivers elasticity to the lungs and chest walls and plays a crucial role in expanding the lung volumes.

Reduces depression

Running on a daily basis stimulates secretion of endorphins that keep you in high spirits by weeding out the adverse effects of depression and mental burden. Recent scientific studies infer that people who run every day are brimming with energy and self-confidence that makes them satisfied and happy.

Improves digestion

Running accelerates the process of food digestion and helps in soaking of nutrients from ingested food. It increases appetite and improves your internal metabolism, keeping your digestive system healthy. It also helps in r reducing the time taken by the food to pass through your large intestine thus improving digestion.

Helps you lose weight

Running is the most straightforward activity that helps you in shedding additional kilos. It facilitates faster metabolism and increases the energy requirement of cells and tissues. As a result, the body starts burning extra calories, and you start losing your weight. However, running for a specified duration depends entirely on the dimension of the body.

Contributes to the development of bones

Running reinforces the growth of your bones by increasing the bone density of your legs and hips. It is a beneficial exercise for women during their menstrual periods. Running also helps in preventing fatiguing diseases like arthritis and osteoporosis. It builds bones, improves stability in joints and strengthens the muscular framework of your body.

Delays ageing

Running has a reverse effect on ageing. It provides health benefits that slow down the influence of ageing on your health. Hence, run regularly to make you look young.

Helps you in sleeping comfortably

Running helps you in keeping your distractions at bay and assist you in a disturbance-free sleep. Not sleeping for sufficient hours might lead to instant mood-swings which create a negative impact on your work life and personal life. However, running removes such constraints by making you free from anxiety and depression.

Controls your appetite

After running for some time, you generally feel hungry, since the food you have previously ingested gets burnt and the energy released gets consumed for running. Running regulates, the secretion of hormones that stimulate your sudden cravings for food. It is known to boost the lactose and sugar level in the blood that keeps you satiated even after rigorous workout sessions.

Increases stamina

Running helps in building your leg muscles and reduces stress on your joints. It also plays a key role in the rise of your energy levels, thereby improving your stamina.

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